Virtua Fighter 5 Producer Interview

IGN got a chance to talk to the producer of Virtua Fighter 5.

Find out what they talked about by clicking the link below...

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DC RID3R5385d ago

decent beat-em up for the ps3!

kewlkat0075385d ago

Installment of this series and again, I used to play lots of fighting games in my SNEs/PS days. These fighters are offering nothing new.
I wish you could just play fighters like on XBL without having to purchase the actualy game. Then you could just play arcade style whenever you wanted to.

Prettier graphics as always but then again its just a fighter. Me and my old buddies 10 deep don't get together anymore like we used to to play MK2 on the SNES or Tekken 2(which was the best) on PSone and Streefighter....ect Any fighter without Online play doesn't have much replay value so I won't buy it unless....

specialguest5385d ago

yeah i agree about the online play issue. i found out that Tekken for the PSP doesn't have online network vs. capabilities. that really sucks and that was the deciding factor for me on whether to buy it or not.

ApocalypseShadow5385d ago

the game.yeah it's not that much that is new.but virtua fighter has always been a great technical fighter.i see he takes shots at dead or alive.i like dead or alive,but it gets old because it's not itagaki puts lots of fluff in it.(costumes etc).i know because i played every version.(jap and us). not having online doesn't kill any game.start inviting your friends back over.have a cook out and play games.

Phytonadione5385d ago

Possibly the deepest fighting game ever. This game has never been the most graphically superior game (that award probably goes to the second most technical fighter, Soul Caliber), but has given me countless hours of fun. I can't wait for this game to come out.

kewlkat0075385d ago (Edited 5385d ago )

I guess that was my Pre-gf, pre-2 jobs, pre-40+ hour weeks, pre-working out days. I used to a have all the time in the world. Now I'm a casual gamer, I like Racers, Online fighters(beating the computer gets old), Sports(my beloved 2K series), Rpg's(FF7, castlevanis SOTN type games eventhough the genre hasn't changed much)) and RTS on the PC.