Spelunker HD mines PSN date (Eurogamer)

Hands up if you remember Spelunker. No? Chances are you either weren't born when it came out back in the early '80s, or you've suppressed the memory thanks to its brutal, merciless difficulty.

Well, it's back. Irem's HD remake of the notorious platformer arrives on PlayStation Network in the US on 23rd November, priced $9.99. No European date or price has been confirmed yet.

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MeatPopsicle4763d ago

Played this on many years ago my Atari 8bit. Such an amazing game. Unbelievably hard.

Can't wait to see what they've done with the update. People have been saying this new version is awesome.

Balt 4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

I had this on Nintendo, threw a damn fit when my father brought it home over Super PitFall. God I feel bad for doing that. I learned to love it and the absurdly awkward timer it had, though.

JacobIsHollywood4763d ago

I was upset when my parents bought something other than what I wanted, but I never said anything.

Thank God my parents bought me Gran Turismo and NFL Blitz...instead of the crap I wanted. Lol.

Balt 4763d ago

My pop was pretty hit and miss on getting decent games, and rightfully so -- Back then you just didn't know what was good without doing some research or good ol' trial and error.

Nothing, and I mean nothing could prepare him for the fit I threw over the time he got me Wrath of the Black Mantra over Ninja Gaiden, though. WOW!

He saw Ninja and 14.99 price tag and snatched it up. Bless him. I hope he knows I look back on those times more clearly now and appreciate what he was trying to do for me.

Music, movies and games; nothing brings about locked in memories like the above. Nothing

Bereaver4763d ago

I'm not sure how old I was, but it was during the first years of gameboy.

I loved the movie "We're back". (I'm not sure why lol)

But my mom and dad bought the game for me on gameboy....

I really love my parents, so when I didn't like the game. I started to cry and told them that I'm so sorry. Haha, I'm such a schlub.

sp1deynut4763d ago (Edited 4763d ago )

Why is the article preview under the title an excerpt from a Venetica review ??

"With its skill-trees and levelling system, the 16th-century-themed Venetica is unmistakably an RPG. But combat is the main focus, and while there's room for improvement in a lot of areas, it's the hack-and-slash department in which it really excels. "

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Tozai Games Announces Even More DLC Packs For Spelunker HD for the PlayStation®Network

The most brutal stages yet, plus a special low 50% off price for PlayStation®Plus Members!

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Spelunker HD is the "Most Rewarding" Game on the PSN

"A few weeks back Spelunker HD received an update, which added some new content." - JPS

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admiralvic4186d ago

Quite the interesting fun fact. I can't wait to have 100% on my DLC, so I can save I have it done 100%.

smashcrashbash4186d ago (Edited 4186d ago )

I haven't played this game in ages. I got so far in it though. If I start playing it again I will be so rusty I don't think I will be able to play it any more. There were so many things to remember to do and not to do to survive.

@ admiralvic. Well I was pretty good myself. I found it was tough but not as hard as people keep saying it was. But I also have to admit it was pretty annoying at times. Those ice levels almost made me want to break my only controller in half. Also running out of air when you were trying to be careful was also annoying.

admiralvic4186d ago

It is surprisingly easy to pick up and keep playing (at least for me). I play it about once a month for the new EX levels and it takes maybe 40 minutes before I "get it". Also if you want some assistance, I will be glad to help. I believe I still hold the fastest platinum time on the US version :3

TooTall194186d ago

This game is fun. I wish it had a better save system, but the way it was gave it an old-school feel.

MySwordIsHeavenly4186d ago

I guess "rewarding" is the right term, but it's definitely not the most satisfying. I'd give that to Super Sonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle Cars. :)


GameInterface.net - Spelunker HD Review (PS3/PSN)

Spelunker HD is the story of an average person attempting deep cave exploration in an attempt to unearth treasures and reach new depths. In the player’s journey to unearth treasure and explore mysterious caverns various difficulties present themselves. The player must avoid the collapsing ceilings, ghosts, snakes, lack of energy and even small holes in the ground. In fact, the slightest mishap, such as getting too close to a geyser or falling a matter of inches, will rob the player of precious lives.

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4706d ago
Lirky4706d ago

There's many levels to go thru + its challenging + playstation home items that you can unlock to wear to mis match gears that u already have also.

YoungKingDoran4706d ago (Edited 4706d ago )

woohoo. been waiting for this. love spelunker on nes ... i got so good at it i finished it without dying once. i was in the zone hardcore that day. and its much more than just a remake