Follow @VideoGameDeals on Twitter, CAG Donates $$$ to Child's Play Charity

For every new follower of @VideoGameDeals from now until Christmas, Cheap Ass Gamer will donate $0.25 to Penny Arcade's Child's Play charity. Not only will you help yourself get the latest information on hot video game deals, you'll also help sick kids receive the gift of gaming during an otherwise bleak holiday season.

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retrovertigo3557d ago

If I wasn't already following this account, I'd certainly do so! But I'll be sure to help spread the word!

CheapyD3557d ago (Edited 3557d ago )

If you click through from N4G and follow us from the page on CAG, the N4G community gets "credit" for the donations on our leaderboards.

Thanks, everyone!

All_4_One3557d ago

That`s awesome! I love CAG, keep up the good work.

averyzoe3557d ago

It's great when you can help kids by doing so little.

sfree793557d ago

Thanks to CheapyD and the CAG community. Year after year they prove that they are great people and lead the way with donations. I am honored to be part such a great community.

TommyPower3557d ago

I'm following even though I'm from germany :D

Hope this'll be available for UK gamedeals? I'm used to ordering games from there.. so make it happen :)

CheapyD3557d ago

Yup, the UK arm of the site has a separate fund and leaderboards. Just follow @ukgamedeals!

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