Video game bill fines children $25

Republican governor Tim Pawlenty has singed into law SF 785. The law will come into effect from August 1 and will impose a $25 fine on minors who purchase a Mature or Adults Only rated video game. The retailer will not face any fine, but will be required to display a sign notifying customers of the fine.

Schmitty076523d ago

At least this is in Minnesota

OutLaw6523d ago

How does a governor think of a dumb law like that. What ever happen to the parents looking out for their own children or retailers just ask for I.D. It's their job not the government. Here in NY if a child have purchased a pack of cigarettes, that store will get into trouble. The same should be for adult type games.


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rlow14d ago

Interesting article, it doesn’t surprise me because some people are better all a-rounders than others. Regardless of fame or how good they are in their specialty.

TheProfessional4d ago

This is why I feel like the live action stuff in Alan Wake 2 especially is pretty bad. It also looks really cheap and amateurish.

phoenixwing3d ago

Kojima and death stranding 1 2 will disagree


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