Xbox360cast Podcast Episode13

Hey, check out xbox360cast's 13th episode.
I think its kinda cool that its actual gamers talking about games, and the fact that they are young is pretty cool. I think its much better than some of the super formal business podcasts out there.

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TBAteam6325d ago

the audio quality gets a big buggy in the middle... might have just been me though


EA’s best multiplayer games have now shut down for good

Battlefield Bad Company 2, Dead Space 2, Crysis 3, and a handful other EA games have finally had their online services shut down.

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OtterX12h ago

I had no idea that Bad Company 2 was still running, and only now that I know, I want to jump on! 😥

DaReapa3h ago

BF1943 is the only online MP game that I was genuinely interested in. Been playing since launch 14 years ago. Hate that I couldn't put in as much time to play as I'd hoped for during the final week.


Fortnite fans disgusted with eye-watering price of first Rocket Racing bundle

Fortnite fans aren't happy with the high price of one of the first Rocket Racing bundles for the game's newest mode.

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Inverno5h ago

Yea and apparently rockband fortnite songs will be 5 bucks each. Ridiculous.

EvertonFC5h ago

Takes the pi** this.
Off topic: does anyone know roughly when the UE5 rocket league update drops ? Or is it going to be a new release rocket league ?

Gravity_DoGG29m ago

pretty sure Rocket Racing is the UE5 update. RL aint getting nothing from now on

anast5h ago

The fans asked for this by supporting this game. They are only getting what they asked for.


10 Most Overlooked RPGs That You Should Play Now

Many overlooked RPGs lie dormant in the catalogues of gaming, but players can pick up their swords and shields with these amazing JRPG hidden gems!

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