What To Expect From Kinect In Japan

The debut of Kinect is right around the corner in Japan, what can we expect from it, though?

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NYC_Gamer3764d ago

the japanese might actually enjoy Kinect

MinskyM3764d ago Show
Active Reload3764d ago

A never ending supply of articles about it...being trolled.

darthv723764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

So long as the games are fun and quirky, it may have a chance. It worked for the wii.

If it turns out that it is something they like. Why does it matter? It isnt changing how we play games altogether.

People shouldnt feel threatened by this as it is only for the 360. It wont suddenly invalidate your ps3 or wii enjoyment.

@active: yup...that is for sure. Starting with the one above you.

Active Reload3764d ago

Why do people act like Sony invented everything? Do your inner thighs get chafed from riding non-stop?

FlatulentGhost3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

"Why do people act like Sony invented everything? Do your inner thighs get chafed from riding non-stop?"

Microsoft rips off of 10 year old Sony Eye Toy motion control tech and that's the best damage control you can come up with?

Active Reload3764d ago

Wow, these folks are pathetic. They're actually letting a piece of plastic upset them. Sucks to be you...

lowcarb3764d ago

Like Sony didn't copy off of anyone this gen or before lol.

Beefstew4u3764d ago

I doubt anyone will buy it in Japan. They all live in such small apartments.

Killed4Less3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

"Microsoft rips off of 10 year old Sony Eye Toy motion control tech and that's the best damage control you can come up with? "

As opposed to Sony ripping off a not even 4 year old Wii?

Talk about pitiful, Sony been ripping off all gen. Trophies and most of their online ideas.. Funny how gamercards, Video Marketplace, PSN Arcade games, etc were all established XBL services before Sony ripped them off.

Home = Second Life
XMB = Rip-off of Windows Media Center

I could go on but you get the point.

I would even say that Sony is the biggest ripper offers this gen. But in reality THEY ALL take ideas from other places and it really is no big deal.

DigitalRaptor3764d ago

So much ignorance, my brain can't compute!

AAACE53763d ago

Once the sex simulation games start rolling out, Kinect will be big in japan...LMAO!

Seriously though... Kinect could be the ticket to breaking into japan that MS has been looking for! The japanese are usually one of the first adopters of new tech, especially if it changes how we play games. Just look at how well the Wii and DS did over there!

ComboBreaker3763d ago

Nothing. Nothing at all.

But then again, that's just my opinion. Remember that my opinion is not fact. It's just an opinion. It is not right or wrong. It just is...

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Cenobia3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I think it may boost sales a little. DDR was pretty big, so Dance Central could be enough for people to buy it.

They should make a new bundle though. I don't imagine people will be too happy when they realize 4GB isn't going to get them very far (I'm assuming MS is going to sell the Kinect bundle the same in Japan). That could be a pretty bad backlash if people buy it for Kinect and end up wanting to try other games too.

darthv723764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

I think reach was the only game that had a real hdd requirement. Unless you plan on installing or doing some serious DLC then pretty much every game will play on the 4gb unit.

BillOreilly3764d ago

4gb is enough for saves and xbl games. If you need space use a 16gb thumbdrive problem solved. It isnt like its not upgradable with cheap non propietary space. I think japan will love it but it wont save the 360 in japan. It will get japan dev interested in making games for it. If 5mil kinects are out there and u make a good game sales will be in the millions. Without competition for core games the risk is low. Everyone wants to have the first (fill in the blank) type game.

AAACE53763d ago

4Gb's is more than enough! You don't have to install games like with the Ps3. Most save files are very small. The only reason to have a HDD on the 360 is if you want to buy XBLA games, but you can already fit a good few on the 4 Gb. Or to install your games to the HDD so your disc doesn't have to spin, saving your DVD drive and prolonging the life of your system.

Not to mention, your content is directly tied to your profile, so you can delete and redownload any of your old content as much as you want. Plus it usually downloads pretty quick!

MorganX3764d ago (Edited 3764d ago )

As long as an American company dares to threaten Japanese dominance of console gaming, Japanese will NEVER by meaningful quantities of Xbox products. Period. If I'm wrong, we'll see. But I doubt it.

avengers19783764d ago

Not much... They have little to no interest in the 360, and the Kinect is a device that actually requires you to have alot of space avalible, most of them do not have said space. The Move isn't even doing that well over there. An overpriced device for a machine they don't care about isn't going to do anything there.

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MaximusPrime3764d ago

judging by picture, only two people are looking at Kinect whereas others are looking away.

Simco8763764d ago

This is easy to predict

More 360s in the US so that means more people in the US will buy Kinect

Barely an 360s in Japan, so barely anyone will buy Kinect.

Whats hard about this?

sashimi3764d ago

It is a really hard concept to some...

ct033764d ago

Two bits of information in this article.

Consoles owned:
47.7% - PlayStation 3
19.6% - Xbox 360

Intent to buy:
7.7% - Move
6.3% - Kinect

Kinect isn't far behind Move (6.3% vs. 7.7%) despite the huge discrepancy in install base.

Biggest3764d ago

Nice maffs! I bet you didn't account for those percentages being of their respective consoles though. I'm pretty sure that 6.3% of 19.6% isn't very close to 7.7% of 47.7%.

Denethor_II3764d ago

I believe those statistics you have mentioned are based on people that were asked at the Kinect booth from TGS. I wouldn't consider them definitive in terms of the whole of Japan.

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