Innovation Sony Might Be Envying Right Now: ‘Kinect’

With the holidays just around the corner everyone wants to experience the hottest gaming trend around. PlayStation Move had a slight advantage over Kinect due to its earlier release date. With both Kinect and Move out in the market, who will bring home the bacon this season and be crowned the King of motion controlled gaming?

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Balt 3719d ago

Kinect is 80% inconsistent with my hands on time with it in my good friends living room of 15x15. Which is a small apartment. It just doesn't work.

Chupa-Chupa3719d ago

Please don't take this the wrong way..But do you happen to have a year round tan?

Game-ur3719d ago

Sony is Envying 500 million in marketing not 10 year old "Innovation"

Reibooi3719d ago

Yeah Sony basically created Kinect when they made the Eye Toy LONG ago for PS2. The only difference is they didn't spend half a billion dollars on a ad campaign.

Seems that the populace are nothing but sheep and can't buy something unless a stupid commercial or ad tells them to.

piroh3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

people used to forget the Eyetoy for PS2

anyway, i don't think MS is happy right now because of 500 mil of marketing and not so big sales

MrMccormo3719d ago

People forget that both Sony and Nintendo were approached by Kinect's designers, and both said "no". The 360 was Kinect's third choice.

Zydake3719d ago

IMO Sony has to put a comercial up during a big event during December airing the PEW PEW (if it was aired I apologize) with that it will make the consumers realize WTF am I buying? No buttons!?!? But that's my IMO

ct033719d ago

Haha, it's so cute how people keep throwing around the $500m marketing budget as if Microsoft somehow "cheated".

This isn't a game, you know? There is no cheating.

inveni03719d ago

Because of Microsoft's ad campaign, they're going to have a harder time turning a profit. I think people will get bored of Kinect over the next 12 months, and 2011's holiday season will see Kinect on clearance.

PSFan1003719d ago

It's not innovation because it's already been done before, Kinetic can be considered only as an upgrade and not an actual innovative product. Like others above me have said it's very inconsistent, voice command is awful.

Sheikh Yerbouti3719d ago


Actually $500 million in advertising is paid for once Kinect hits 5 million. They cost to make the system is only $50, a very nice margin - funny they didn't sell it for less.

Of course I'm neglecting the R&D and acquisitions, etc. Still I wouldn't say more than 7-10 million. And that $500 is the budget for now through 2011. A lot of money, too much money...but certainly recoup-able.

Millah3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Wow, look at this idiots "cons" for the Move. APPARENTLY, Move costs $120 and doesn't include a game. While Kinects $150 price tag is a "bargain." Wow, I'm literally shaking my head.

Going further down the list of his cons, Its pretty clear that this guy is a complete moron.

No Way3719d ago

Source, please? Not only do I think you talkin out your ass.
But, if true, could be an interesting read, so..

MikeGdaGod3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

here ya go buddy


alot of companies could've had Kinect....MS were the only ones that wanted it, everyone else said no thanks......

AAACE53718d ago

If Kinect and Eyetoy can do the same thing, why aren't most of those games being released for Ps3? MS only has exclusivity over a few of those titles! Kinect has 2 cameras while Eyetoy has 1. How can they perform the same way when one has a noticable difference over the other?

Don't say because Sony doesn't want the games on the Ps3, because every console is trying to get every game it can!

Also, If Eyetoy had all the capabilities of Kinect, why did they never capitolize on it? Why has Eyetoy only found a good use with Move?

k2d3718d ago

Well said! +bubble 2u2

eraursls843718d ago

AAACE5, you realize that the eyetoy is for the ps2 not the ps3, that's why these games aren't made for the eyetoy.

RedDead3718d ago

The idea is innovation, the technolody is not. It doesn't work properly.

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Mystogan3719d ago ShowReplies(13)
Agent-863719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I'm really surprised that the space limitations wasn't included in the Kinect cons section. Also laughed how they put games in the pro section: "Kinect has introduced a lot of games that are fresh and original". That's a joke, right? They all seem to be dancing, fitness, and mini-game collections: weren't all these already done to death on the Wii? Especially since they put games in the con category for the Move: "We’ve already experienced lackluster titles like this on the Wii". They also mention lighting issues for the Move, but not the Kinect? This is just another biased article to ignore.

zetsuei13719d ago

but i think i hardly saw anything non-biased from there.

It's just that sad.

Ju3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

Direct quotes:

PS3 Con:

Pricing – Its going to set you back around $120, which includes 1 controller, 1 navigation controller and the Sony Eye (Camera). (this price does not include a game)

Kinect Pro:

Pricing – At $149.99 including a game, Kinect is a bargain. This is going to be a huge factor in determining what peripheral families will be purchasing this holiday season.

/End Quote

Are you f.cking kidding me?

First of all, this is a plain lie. The Move starter bundle comes with (!) a game and everything you need for $99.

And how is $149 a great deal, when $120 is a bad one. Just don't get it. In these days, even hard fact numbers can be "interpreted" any way you want. Crazy times.

If this goes on, marketing will eliminate our ability to think.

SIdepocket3719d ago

@ Ju

Apparently you can't do math then. Even if you get the Move bundle @ $99, you're still out at least $70 to get the second controller. Kinect costs $150 and supports two players AND includes a game (and a much better one that the Move Sports game to boot) .

Sounds like a bargain to me.

tigertom533718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Ok in my opinion the device is really sweet for what it does, I got it a few days ago for dance central it works really well, and most people would pay that price just for that game if it was a peripheral from Harmonix no different then rock-band or guitar hero which you could pay 200 or more for. I have a 10 by 11 room and it works fine have mine mounted 6 feet on the wall. I can see for just a second that it my be somewhat like an eye toy or vision cam, but it never really worked and it sucked balls, Kinect works well have had very to no issues play games with me, my wife or my daughter who is 4. Voice commands work 96% percent of the time and will only recognize the person that is in control, it will ignore any one else, maybe that is the reason some people have had troubles or maybe it was not calibrated correctly. you talk about light issues I have not had any no mater what i have tried maybe if you you shine a spot light or have the suns rays right on the camera it might not work but who is smart enough have that setup like that. Im a big FPS and Action gamer and would never want to play these games with a motion control just give my my controller please but clearly they made Kinect not for these hard core games but for party and family play to compete with Wii to increases sales, and it looks like that is working how can complain that the want more sales of consoles and to increase there profit margins, unless your a ps3 lover and dont want xbox to be successful in heavy sales.
update cons for the device or update for future device would be higher resolution cam.

Ju3718d ago

SIdepocket, $70...another lie. The second Move costs you $49, which then make it even with Kinect (in fact, it makes it a couple of cents cheaper, to be exact). Two players can play all (!) games which are included in the start bundle.

"a much better one that the Move Sports game"

And this is an opinion, which I can accept, but might not agree with.

SIdepocket3718d ago

@ Ju

It's not a lie, dumbass. If you don't buy the Navigator, you can't play all of the games that Move supports. That brings the price of each controller to $80.

Please remove the Move controller from your rectum before replying, okay?

Odin7773718d ago

@sidepocket Actually you can use your dualshock in place of the Nav controller if you so wish. And enough with the fuckin' dildo jokes, jesus.

UnwanteDreamz3718d ago

Move cost me 50$. Had the cam and use the DS as a nav. Can you bring Kinect home for 50$?

Please use the gray matter between your ears before replying. Unless you want to continue looking like an idiot.

SIdepocket3718d ago


The subject here is the question of whether Move is a better bargain. Here's the math since you seem to not be able to add yourself:

By the time you buy two full Move controllers @ $80, a camera for $30, and a game on top of that, you are WELL over the asking price of $150 for Kinect (which supports two players). Even if you forgoe the Navigator, with a cam and two controllers and game, you are still over the price of the MS controller.

I guess your Move controller went straight up your anus as well (which is likely since you apparently weren't smart enough to buy a game) .

Ju3718d ago

Simple answer: No.

Stop making sh!t up - and refrain from personal attacks. Thx.

theXfactor3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

for people who don't own a ps3:
ps3 move bundle- $399.99. includes DS 3 controller, Eye camera, Sports Champions, and 320gb ps3 console

for people who don't own a 360:
xbox 360 kinect bundle- $299.99. includes kinect, 4gb xbox 360 console, wireless controller, headset, and kinect adventures.
$399.99 for the same things except a 250gb hard drive rather than a 4 gb one.

for people who own a PS3:
Move starter pack: $99.99. includes Eye camera, sports champions, and ps move controller.
Extra move controller- $49.99 (optional)
total- $149.98

for people who own a 360:
kinect- $149.99. includes kinect and kinect adventures

The kinect is only a "bargain" for extremely casual gamers who are not planning on downloading anything to their hard drives.Other than that,they both end up costing about the same, but the Move is the better product imo. so that makes it a better bargain for me.
Edit: there is no need for the navigation controller, a DS 3 could also be used. Also take into account that some people already own the Eye Camera and they can get move for as low as $50-$130 (depending on if they buy a nav controller and a second move or not)

UnwanteDreamz3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

Poor sidepocket can't keep up with his own arguement so he repeats himself and makes as* jokes. I know what you wrote and it was an incomplete thought buddy. I like how you call into question math skills when you your self must have never learned to count. I bought Move for 50$

50$ is less than 150$ you f*cking moron. Even if you went to the worst public school in the worst part of America you should be able to grasp that idea. You can spin the arguement however you want but for me the better value was 50$. The camera was bought for 25 dollars used at gamestop over a year before Move came out. Then that means I had 100$ to spend on games.

Try again kid.

SIdepocket3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

@ UnwanteDreamz

Dude, you don't even HAVE an argument, let alone know how to spell it. Sure you can take home a Move controller for $50, but what good does that do you? No game to play it with, and no camera to use it with. $150 dollars might be more for Kinect, but it gets you EVERYTHING YOU NEED. For two players to have Move controllers and a game and camera, IT'S MORE MONEY.

A bargain means getting more for your money, not how little you need to spend.

Ju3717d ago (Edited 3717d ago )


Again, no. Doesn't make it true if you shout it.

Look at theXfactor post. He does the math for you.

149.98 < 149.99 (let's be bean counters here) - this is for the exact same experience (two players, all you need incl. a game - I could agree on an "equal" part, but "more" is simply wrong).

And, please. Nav is an option. You know, like an option to play games which you cannot play on Kinect at all. e.g. RTS or shooters (available now, e.g. Ruse, RE5 and MAG).

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TreMillz3719d ago

Innovation. I swear this term gets thrown around loosely now of days...

MeatPopsicle3719d ago

No, the Xbox fanboy who wrote this article is using the word 'innovation' correctly:


1. To rip off 10 year old tech from a competitor by buying similar tech from a company everyone else in the industry passed on because it sucked so hard.

BabyTownFrolics3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

and if I pull my coffee table out of the way I can get the 8 feet needed for 2 players. Maybe you should return it or sell it.

Also I love how everyone hates Kinect, at this point its damn funny.

So far 2 disagrees in two minutes, thats the stuff, keep it coming.

now its 3 disagrees in 6 minutes

i should mention that I own both Kinect and Move, and I enjoy them both, and I hope they both do well into the future.

4 disagrees in 10 minutes

did I mention I equally enjoy my 360 and PS3, and it feels great being able to play the multiplats on the 360 and the exclusives on the PS3?

5 disagrees in 12 minutes

Oh yeah and even though PSN is free I prefer XBox Live despite the fact that I have to pay for it.

6 disagrees in 13 minutes

thanks guys you've been great

MaximusPrime3719d ago

you deserved it. well done

ocnkng3719d ago

Ya you asked for it lolz

BabyTownFrolics3719d ago

thats nearly a disagree every 2 minutes. I think thats a personal best. I just got bumped from 5 bubbles to 6 last week. So I figured if I'm going to incur the wrath might as well do it sooner than later, I would hate to lose the bubble once I had gotten used to it.

I feel cleansed.

colon cleansed.

SIdepocket3719d ago

On N4G if you agree with anything even remotely positive about the Xbox, you get a flood of disagrees. It means you are probably telling the truth. :)

Don't take it personally, it's just a couple of people with multiple accounts.

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Mista T3719d ago

why would they envy something they did first

Genesis53719d ago

Sony already passed on the kinect tech. Why would they be in envy of it?

IHateYouFanboys3719d ago

Nintendo passed on having Sonys CD add-on - which would effectively become the playstation.....tell me they werent envious for the next decade lol.

Sony might have passed on the 3DV cam, but that doesnt mean they wouldnt be envious of Microsofts obvious success with Kinect.

Pedantic913719d ago

That remains to be seen, does it not ?

BillOreilly3719d ago

Well move(its precise and decent) looks like a wii rip off, a me too. Kinect looks new, innovative, and interesting. Sony is probably pissed that kinect is a smashing success when they abandoned the eyetoy more or less. Sony did a rudamentary for of kinect in 2d and Ms did it beefed up in 3d and its amazing. Ms realized the wii is old, nobody wants another wii, so they did it different. Kinect is good because all the games for it are new and innovative, dev cant tack it on as they will with move. Look at all the games from tgs, so many dev are jumping on with kinect.

Dark_king3719d ago

actually Sony passed on the tech,the original tech was demo on the PS2 awile ago.3dv or something like that I just woke up and can't think right now.

Moentjers3719d ago

Dude, are you sure you looked at the kinect game list ? new and innovative ? you can put it next to the Wii launch list. fitness, dance and party. hell yeah.

EasilyTheBest3719d ago are eitier the perfect fanboy troll or you are just stupid or you have been using a faulty Kinect.

Kinect works, I have it and I cant really fault it.
The lag is non existant on the games I have and theres a lot more to the games than people think.
Its fun and everyone who I have shown it too want one they are so impressed.

Just admit it, you havent played Kinect or your just doing your fanboy stuff.

JsonHenry3719d ago

Eh. I think all this motion controller stuff is gonna flop. But IF they mix Kinect WITH traditional gamepad (kinda like the DS) they might be able to make some killer games for it.

However, my bet is that it will all flop and we can finally go back to who has more horsepower under the hood like the good old days.

PS360fanboy3719d ago

Judging from yesterday's sony's patent, I'd say they are...

_DragonSlayer_3719d ago

Hahahahahahahahahaha "taking in big breath" Hahahahahahahahahaha "Games – Kinect has introduced a lot of games that are fresh and original. The hardware is to thank for all of these original games." Hahahahaha..Sorry I couldn't help myself at that comment....

Daver3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I'm pretty sure that Sony know what they are doing... I dont think they are envying anything to anyone

Christopher3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

How can they envy 'innovation' that they started? People do know that Microsoft bought the company that did Sony's camera-based technology R&D, right?

They're envying Microsoft's success with the product and how they've marketed it, but not the 'innovation'.

aceitman3719d ago

a guy i worked with bought a 360 kinect bundle they had problems playing it cause of space they where trying to make it work and then it happened the 360 died on him i had to laugh at that . thinking how many people are going to go through the same thing he took it back and got a ps3 move bundle he and his family love it sports champion and start the party is what he has ...kinect may get a big start because of the 500 million ads and ohprah and ellen show but at the end it will go down just like the playstation eye on ps2 it wasnt enough to keep intrest u need a controller in ur hand thats y sony passed on kinect and kept working on psmove to work and that was before the wii all in all wake up if ur a ms 360 fanboy im not a fanboy i just like to get my game on i have the ps move and the kinect a few great games for the move some are not good . kinect dance central is good kinectimals is ok but the rest are not me and my family still play the move but where kinda tired of the kinect hope they have something soon that we can really enjoy cause it may be a trade or put for sale if it doesnt get better or work good y there is some issues with the kinect if u dont believe me go ahead and and spend 159$ with tax and try for yourself and u will see try both if u dare and see who really keeps the replay going mine is ps move ... i really hope that kinect can come out with some really good games if not i think i have been robbed .

TEFL0N_D0N_813718d ago

Is Kinect going to outsell Move? Based on the amount of marketing and the target demographic (I'll always prefer couch + controller), probably... Even so, this article is horribly biased and unfair.

I think it's awesome that Sony is backing it's "older" camera tech. People with the PS-Eye won't need to buy it again. It never took away the function of the PS-Eye anyways, it's a simple and very neat add on. And just because the PS-Eye is older tech does not mean the entire Move system is outdated. What a load of crap.

The only con stated for Kinect was its size. Really? That's it?

I'm not even digging into which is better (because they're totally different from each other). But this article is amateur crap.

Scary693718d ago

I don't know why these lame ass articles keep making it through N4G. I am with Sitlab this piece of crap is inconsistent, I just wish people would wake the freak up and realize it and stop buying into MS lame as gimmick.

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MaximusPrime3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

"Envying"? did i hear that right?


i mean, MS wasnt the first to do this hand-free idea. Sony did it with PS2 eye toy and PS eye. Should Sony be envious? i bet they didnt care.

Agent-863719d ago

First sentence in the article: "With the holidays just around the corner everyone wants to experience the hottest gaming trend around." Everyone? Hardly! The Kinect is a complete joke that I want nothing to do with. I'm really hoping this motion gaming gimmick would just die already. This is just more dumbing down of gaming to appeal to the masses.

raztad3719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

The only thing Sony must be envying is to have half a billion to spend in ads.

soundslike3719d ago

haha so true. good thing smart people don't buy things based on ads.

Close_Second3719d ago

...Sony may have had EyeToy but what have they done with it on PS3 prior to Move? Apart from Eye of Judgement and a couple fo other forgettable PSN titles, the PS3Eye (i.e. the PS3 version of the Eyetoy cam) has been nothing but a dust collector.

If Sony is feeling envious (which I doubt) they would have no one but themselves to blame for not doing more with the tech they introduced.

Omega43719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

They must be slapping themselves for passing it up.

Indeed they do

@Fishy Fingers
I don't get what you mean :s

PimpHandHappy3719d ago

yea both Sony and nintendo are crying over passing up on this tech... They now know what sort of great games can be made for it :-/

Agent-863719d ago (Edited 3719d ago )

I don't think Omega4 realized that your comment was least I hope it was sarcastic because I've yet to see a great game for it.

Fishy Fingers3719d ago

Serious question, although off topic. Is "Omega4" your Kinect account, because it's all I see "you" comment on.

Pennywise3719d ago

Omega, how many times have you made sweet love to your kinect camera today? lol... Shills are funny.