FIFA 08 PS3 and Xbox 360 developer blog #03

Today Joe Booth FIFA 08 (Ps3,Xbox 360) Leed Producer has asked gameplay designer and software engineer, Gary Paterson, to speak in the diary. When he's not following Aberdeen, celebrating Scotland's World Cup Win (the homeless World Cup that is), finding the latest Leeds United negative story to rub in his face, or reliving every detail of Scotland's one win over England, Gary is busy tweaking the shooting and the details of our game engine. Seriously, Gary is going to give you some insight into our new shooting mechanics and some of the changes that we have made to the fundamental depth of the game. What has been really encouraging for me about the way our new shooting module has developed is the sense of unpredictability that it creates. Because of the new way players strike the ball you never get the same shot twice. So if you go in the arena and fire shots off at the net, you are never sure if the ball is going to dip down under the bar or rise over the bar or swerve in on the side or not. That creates a sense of drama that's there from the real world. Previously in football engines the shooting mechanics have been too predictable and I think our new model for FIFA 08 creates this authentic sense of unpredictability

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MrSwede4116d ago

Will the PS3 version be inferior to the 360 version? I don´t like flame wars but that´s all I´m interested in. I like what I read about the game as far as the new "be a pro" thing goes but I won´t buy it if it runs worse on PS3.

mighty_douche4116d ago

what do you expect a developer to come on here to answer your question as they're the only ones oh know. all your gonna get it fanboys giving their 10 cents, you'll just have to wait until release and see!

MrSwede4116d ago (Edited 4116d ago )

There actually seems to be some knowledge on this site or at least people who have read articles, previews, comparisons and so on but of course I´ll hear from a lot of fanboys but it´s pretty easy to tell who´s biased and who´s not. It was never my intention to start some war, just a simple question.

What I want to hear is: It´s been confirmed running at 60fps on both systems or something in that line.

s8anicslayer4116d ago

i've heard news from leipzig that the ps3 version looked better,but who know's,both should look pretty good

MrSwede4116d ago

Well as long as it´s not worse than the 360 version I think I´ll buy it. From the looks of it it seems pretty cool and as I wrote earlier that "be a pro" thing really caught my attention.