Xbox 360 'Dead Rising 2' at TGS and may not be 360 exclusive

Capcom expected to be showing Dead Rising 2 at TGS later this month. Other titles making an appearance include Resident Evil 5 and Devil May Cry 4 - both of which are expected to be playable.

In other news, Dead Rising 2 may not be a 360 exclusive and may be making it's way to the PS3 perhaps along side Lost Planet.

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xaphanze4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

Capcom is really not into exclusivity anymore. Personally, I think its good having the games across all platforms. But then again, what abt the competition?

Like a shadow I am4063d ago

Multi-platform games do not hurt 360 - that's because 360 is cheaper than PS3. If a game is on both 360 and PS3, most people will opt to buy the cheaper console to play the multi-platform game.

However, when a PS3 game goes multiplatform, or when a game is multi-platform instead of PS3 exclusive, that does hurt PS3. That's because PS3 is expensive, and it needs more exclusives to justify the $600. If a game is on both PS3 and 360, then there's very little reason for people who just want to play the game to get buy a more expensive console just for the game.

gerrard4062d ago

The ps3 jusifies its extra cost by being the one of the cheapest bluray on the market not to mention built in wifi and playing games online 4 free as well as internet access (these extras will cost you more on the 360 and while you're at sony to justify the cost of its machine which the price will go down probably b4 xmas, why dont you ask micro$oft to justify charging you 4 online use) do your maths.

Snukadaman4062d ago

Yet people disagree with you, it comes down too price and exclusives, when you can get the same game on the cheaper system, people find out also the system that cost more also has problems with games, word spreads fast and we should be seeing proof in augusts NPD with madden 08 being a great example. There might be a spike in sales for the xbox 360 and lower sales for the ps3. This is just speculation, but if you are not a fanboy then you can honestly see the scenario.

nasim4062d ago

by brininging games on ps3 CAPCOM would sell not only in NA but also in JAPAN and EU (where x360 is dead)

CAPCOM would see games like DEAD RISING 2 and LOST PLANET 2 sell over millions in EU and JAPAN by bringing them over to ps3.

i applaud CAPCOM's decision

MikeGdaGod4062d ago

Dead Rising was one of the few games i had on 360 that i really enjoyed and spent alot of time playin. if it comes to ps3 that would be great.

i'd like to see what they'd do with the CELL.

xaphanze4062d ago

It doesnt just come down to the cheaper console. It also has to do with the region its selling and what people prefer.In japan for example, the multiplatform games will sell for ps3 not for 360 since people have little interest in 360. In EU also people favor ps3 over 360.

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beans4063d ago

I loved the 1st one and can't wait for the second! IF Capcom decides to make the game multiplatform then I have no problem with that because this game needs to be played by everyone!

Bleem3604063d ago

Indeed, the more people who play Dead Rising the better.

Though I'd like to see what they could do with it on Wii more than PS3.

solidt124063d ago

yeah man they should make it for the PS3, 360 and the Wii. I wan't slice heads of with the Wii controller. Of course it won't look as good but this game is not all about graphics, it's about fun taking out zombies.

reaperxciv4062d ago

sharing the gaming experience with other consoles is the way to go, GAME ON!

gEnKiE4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

We can hope. Really theirs no reason for them not to now. The PS3 has enough of an install base to make up the development cost. Especially after the holidays into next year when im sure the games will be coming out.

BIadestarX4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

As long as they are on the xbox 360 than it's all good. I never had a problem with games being published across platforms. I don't think people should be forced to buy a console just to play a game unless ofcourse they are 1st party games.

If I'm able to play the game why should I care who else get to play it. Only certain type of fanboy find joy knowing that the other camp will not play the games they are playing...

_insane_cobra4063d ago

Well said, I'm all for Dyack's one platform future, even though it might never happen.

SofaKingReetodded4063d ago

is that this is one of the titles they use to tell PS3 owners how they have no games to play. We said all along the only reason they didn't come out for PS3 was because it wasn't launched yet. Now the sequels will be.

Dead rising might actually manage to scare some people if done right on the PS3.

Arsenic134063d ago

u must be retarted, u heard other ppl use Dead Rising as a game that ps3 doesnt have, all 360 gamers arent 1 person so u cant call all of us hypocrites.
The PS3 deserves to check out this great title to.

DeadIIIRed4063d ago

I agree, this is one of those games that I don't care goes multi-platform (just as long as it stays away from the Wii lol, jk).

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