Gran Turismo 5 Signature Edition Unboxing

Connected Consoles: Those lucky chaps over at GAME have recieved their copy of the Signature Edition of Gran Turismo 5, and doesn't it look well! Catch the the unboxing below.


Images now accompanied by video.

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IRetrouk2986d ago

i get mine on wed yay!!!!
its gona be amazing.

ryuzu2986d ago

Wow - signature edition eh? Tempting but just too much cash, when the game is the key component and less than half the price.

Still, good luck with winning the compo!


IRetrouk2986d ago

i know my gf wanted to kill me lol, but i have the money saved so why not?, i dont buy many limited editions but gt is gt and i need the best edition of it, i cant even win the compition cause i dont have a licence, i could do the gaming part and get my bro to do the real driving lol.

Marceles2986d ago

Yeah I got the regular edition too, I love the sleek black box though :D

karl2986d ago

im getting the collectors edition... this was to much money

i wont be getting the g27 because of that though

but i can get that in the near future.. if i dont buy atleast the collectors edition now .. i wont be able to get it... ever!!

Cevapi882986d ago

why do i feel like Yamauchi-San had something to do with that sexy case

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MeatPopsicle2986d ago

Congrats. Looks awesome.

Standard edition for me from Amazon next Wednesday.

zootang2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Have they taken payment for yours yet? I hope we get it a day or two early.

IRetrouk2986d ago

i preordered in a shop. so no, not getting a day early, i put deposit down ages ago, thinking about it, i shoulda done it online but oh well.

velocitygamer2986d ago

Ok I have permission to say fuck you to you? Because I seriously can't take this anymore...I NEED GT5 NOW!!!!

KillerPwned2986d ago

Post a unboxing video and post it in the forums....Pretty please :)

Kon_Artist 2986d ago

but we only have ce so i got that :/

Theonik2986d ago

Damn you! Sold out here. Didn't move fast enough. Gonna have to look at launch. Settled with CE in the mean time.

cochise3132986d ago

that's a sexy limited edition, i wish i could have bought it, but i settled for the game alone. with all the stuff that's in GT5 i feel as though i'm ripping off Polyphony Digital by only paying 60 bucks.

DigitalAnalog2986d ago

But I guess the collector's edition would have to do.

-End statement

likedamaster2986d ago

Looks like an unboxing of a videocard. Not the sexiest looking exterior.

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Raendom2986d ago

Damn that is beautiful packaging.

theEx1Le2986d ago

how big is the usb with this thing?

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The story is too old to be commented.