Halo Reach Nominated For 7 VGA Awards

Halo: Reach has been nominated for seven awards. With seven nominations the epic shooter is bound to take home something to make the development team proud of their hardwork. This year’s VGA’s is going down in just 25 days exclusively on SpikeTV.

Check out all 7 nomination categories Halo: Reach has been nominated for:

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RedDead2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Best 360 game
best shooter
best Multi
best original score(unless i'm mistaken but not much games have had a decent score this year have they?) it's probably the best even though it's not as good as H3

Edit---Highly doubt game of the year though, way too much others, it'll prob be Gt5 for me.

RedDead2988d ago

If you disagree atleast tell me why and where Halo was beat.

Red_Orange_Juice2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

and we can do the math, someone numbered them and call it NEWS, wtf?

-Alpha2988d ago

Yeah, SMG2 is the highest rated game, 97 on MC I believe. VGAs are so crap

NecrumSlavery2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I only watch the VGAs for the announcements. The nominations themselves are completely unjustified.
I don't like how they have RDR under best PS3 game. Its a multiplat!

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kaveti66162988d ago

I don't think it deserves GOTY, either. I love Reach a lot but I agree with people's opinions that it didn't raise the bar or push any envelopes. I think Bungie was too scared to make any massive changes to the formula because the fans want Halo to be Halo. So, ultimately, Halo Reach is a great game with a lot of features and value but it doesn't have the eye-popping, jaw-dropping additions to make it a GOTY winner.

But it will win some awards, hopefully.

theIMP2988d ago

I'm not disagreeing with you, (as far as hitting the disagree button)But I thought the armor abilities were a pretty massive change. As for GOTY, I think it's too subjective, but if I had to pick one it would have to be ME2.

HxCGamer2988d ago

was make the game more noob friendly.
and i feel like they went backwards with the ranking system.

getting to level 50 before was an accomplishment, the ranking sucks on reach

SixZeroFour2988d ago

more noob friendly? are you kidding?

armor abilities made it more of an annoyance to kill someone, and harder to kill someone, not easier

you know how many times ppl (including myself) have been screwed over for a kill because of a well timed armor lock, or how many times ppl have missed a kill cause someone ran or evaded around a corner only to have lost where he/she went went you try to chase

also, the normal competitve multiplayer isnt where you should be playing for wanting an accomplishment...if you want to show your worth, you would be playing arena cause that ranking is much better than the lvl50 accomplishment in halo 3

Paradise Lost2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Halo reach disappointed me very much.
Campaign was still dull as before, i was expecting a GOOD story but all i get is this random ass "noble 6" guy that god knows where he came from.

Multiplayer is not as good as h3,h2 and even H:CE on PC. Loadouts are complete BS and should never have been implemented in the game.Period.

DMR is super duper annoying, the variety of weapons aren't there, every multiplayer game you start with a dmr which i hate alot. The only gun that i really love is the Pistol.

So -it does not deserve a goty award in my opinion, i think there are other games that deserve it alot more.

kaveti66162988d ago

Whenever I read someone say that the DMR is super annoying, I smile. It's annoying because you don't know how to use it and you keep getting owned. That's not a fault of Halo.

Paradise Lost2988d ago

Funny, that im not too shabby with it, it is unfortunate that people such as yourself descriminate people for their opinions.

Downtown boogey2988d ago

I had no issues with the DMR at all... It was just Halo playing catch-up to other shooters there.
Otherwise I didn't like Reach too much. It didn't feel like Halo, didn't have any memorable moments like the Scarabs in the 3rd and the Warthog run in the first -which is my favorite Halo. It was a very bland, unexciting journey overall. :/

HxCGamer2988d ago

I agree with most of what you are saying

Halo 3 is still my favorite and way better than reach.
the ranking on reach is terrible,
and armor abilities made it more noob friendly.
I can deal with most things, but not invisibility
so many people just camping with power weapons and invis now... its a joke

I always ask people how good they were on halo 3, and they are like "I sucked at halo 3 but im really good at this one"
of course, all they do is camp with invis a shotgun or a sword.

and invis + sniper doesnt take much skill. its just a terrible game compared to three

IHateYouFanboys2988d ago

what i find funny is that you say:

"every multiplayer game you start with a dmr which i hate alot"

i find it funny because its 100% incorrect, and had you even played the game online you would know this lol. i love when fanboys blatantly mess up when trying to pretend theyve played a game and just didnt like it.

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Raendom2988d ago

In terms of best original score:

Heavy Rain, Starcraft II, Final Fantasy XIII, God of War 3...

Absolutely TONS of games that have had a good score.

RedDead2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Hmm haven't heard SC2 ones, God of War was epic but didn't hit me, FFXIII while good , there wasn't any that stood out like most final fantasies. Heavy Rain or Halo:R I think I agree with it could go to either of these, Heavy Rain's one touched me haha.

Paradise lost, I disgree, I didn't like H3 that much except the music was one of the best scores ever. Reach brings much more to the table, armor abilities do change it so much and for the better imo. It's amazing how one simple thing changed it up so much, it still feels like Halo but there's much more strategy involved now.

TheBlackSmoke2988d ago

Heavy Rain's soundtrack is by far the best this year. It really captures the tone of the story and the tragedy so well.

xyxzor2988d ago

I know the fact that Castlevania: LOS wasn't up for best original score is mind boggling.

visualb2988d ago

bungie deserve it, Reach is a great game w a lot of content.

GoTY, maybe not, but def should win something

I'd rather have reach win FPS of the year over COD:BO =|

The Maxx2988d ago

Maybe they are disagreeing with you because GT5 is not nominated in the GOTY category for 2010. I think it will be up for the 2011 GOTY nominations.

frankrobs32988d ago Show
Igneel2988d ago

Or maybe they are disagreeing because they'Re PS3 fans mad that Halo got alot of nominations. This is N4G afterall.

Rage_S902988d ago

i disagree coz mass effect 2= GOTY

Christopher2988d ago

Didn't know Halo: Reach was a studio... I know Bungie made Halo, but they're not nominated because of Halo, but because they're good developers.

MrChow6662988d ago

and what did they do to show that? HALO

Christopher2988d ago

I prefer to credit the company, not a game they made in the year that they were credited. This is a win for Bungie, not the Halo franchise.

Lf_sIcKmAn2988d ago

Hmmm lets see... there´s God of War 3, there´s Castlevania (Love the music), there´s Heavy rain, there´s Red Dead Redemption, and Mass effect 2 probably has some as well...

Not to troll or anything but, Halo 3 had a nice score... i dont think Reach can REACH it...

and yeah... NO mario galaxy 2 nomination = trash awards... NEXT!

This things are more like a joke anyway...

NecrumSlavery2988d ago

PS3 gamers should be able to agree Halo always has great musical scores. I really loved Heavy Rain's the most though since it drove the 'emotion' of the game, and really made the story and environment become one with my heart.

BrianB2988d ago

well deserved the game is a masterpiece, the 360 is the home for true console FPS


i highly doubt an overdeveloped racing game is gonna win a GOTY awards, maybe ps3 specific but other than that, come next year the game is gonna be swept under the the rug, like most racers.

frostypants2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

IMO, Mass Effect 2 should get best 360 game.

God of War 3 or ME2 should be GOTY (GT5 will probably be treated as a 2011 game by the VGA awards).

Best shooter? That should go to Black Ops.

BFBC2 should get best MULTIPLAYER.

Best multi-platform should be ME2 (360/PC, and soon PS3). But I'm sure they'll give it to Red Dead Redemption.

Best male performance should go to Martin Sheen in ME2.

Overall, I do like Halo Reach, but it was a SOLID game...not great in any one area.

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MrMccormo2988d ago

Halo Reach is a respectable game, ya gotta admit it. My personal opinion.

2010 GotY - nope
Best Shooter - Vanquish and Bad Company 2 are more worthy, IMO
Best studio - Eh, maybe
Best 360 GotY - no way. Mass Effect 2 and Red Dead are both superior
Best multiplayer - I couldn't care less, so whatev

mrv3212988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

GT5 should be nominated for GOTY... not only for being game of the year but taking roughly a year to test it out.

I know it's not out, but there's so many games that get realeased in the first 6 months that are forgotten by the awards meaning another advantage to games coming out Winter rather than summer.

green2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

How can GT5 be nominated when its not even out? Thats like the American Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences nominating a movie for an oscar when the movie is not out and no one has watched it from start to finish.

Convas2988d ago

No. Simply no. An almost photorealistic Vehicle Driving Simulator winning GOTY? Not going to happen.

mrv3212988d ago

Well if the VGA's are anything like the American Academy of motion pictures we'd see more original games.

The way it stands, we are effectively nominating DVD re-realeases of Shawshank Redemption every year usually in the form of Black Ops, MW2 or many other yearly games.

visualb2988d ago

but i doubt a racing game will EVER get GoTY =|

+ even if it were to get nominated, it'd be for next years cycle.

imho i don't think anything should stop it from being nominated...its a GAME

if its good, why not?!

socomnick2988d ago

Hmmmm I must have missed the reviews saying gt5 was even goty material.

For all we know gt5 will be mediocre.

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TheBlackSmoke2988d ago

goty = no way in hell, for what its worth it's a well made game but, just more of the same. Campaign is again lackluster, bungie suck at telling a story, sorry but "teh books" is not valid unless its in the game. In the end its moar halo, which is fine, but I dont think it should be rewarded as goty.

Multiplayer, again is just more of the same, a super basic class system,jetpacks and holograms isn't enough to warrant what could basically be a Halo 3 add on. As buggy and glitched as COD:BO is, it still is way more sophisticated, I would take that over Halo reach any day. But my personal Multiplayer of the year has to be SSFIV with 200+ hours clocked in on it.

Best studio, Bungie have proven they are a good studio and know what they are doing, but lets reserve best studio to those who push and try new things, those who take it to the next level. Quantic dream gets my shout.

Best 360 game... as someone who only buys/rents 360 exclusives as everything else is bought for my PS3... the best one I played was Alan Wake IMHO. It didn't live up to all the hype but it has some of the best story telling and presentation I have ever seen, its a shame that the gameplay became super repetitive by the final third.

Lionhead2988d ago

Congratulations to Bungie

They went out with a bang in my book with the Halo series and I can't wait for their next IP.

My favorite multiplayer game this year.

InTheKnow2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I have no problem with Halo Reach walking off with every award they are nominated for and even the ones they are not. The game was fantastic and did everything right. Great multi-player, great creative forge mode, great co-op gameplay AND a great single player story...what else does a game have to do.

Why would GT be even mentioned in anything as the game hasn't even been released??? Best CGI trailer for a game that " might " release.

Fable has sold well and is a solid would be nice for Lionhead to get a mention in there somewhere.

VenomProject2988d ago

As long as God of War III and Red Dead Redemption win SOMETHING, I could care less about everything else.

We all know Reach is going to win best shooter. Personally, I enjoyed Battlefield: Bad Company 2 this year as my shooter of choice.

naruto girl2988d ago

This game is imense. It in fact is so awesome that that black ops game has stolen the cR idea for a bit of shitty customization. Fuck off. Bungie are the best game developers next to rockstar because GTA V Is gonna be set back to San Andreas.

nickjkl2988d ago

naw man gta 5 is gonna be set in new york the next gta will be set somewhere else

nickjkl2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )


according to you guys

we should be on gta

gta1 new york vice city san andreas
gta2 anywhere usa (new york)
gta3 liberty city (new york)
gta4 liberty city (new york)
gta vice city
gta san andreas

so we should be on gta 7

the next game will be a subsidary of the main series with gta 5 coming next gen to show the improvement of tech compared to last

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