Final Fanatsy XIV PS3 Progress Report

IGN: Pretty much everything we've been hearing about Final Fantasy XIV has been with regards to the currently available PC version. At long last, Square Enix has started talking about the upcoming PS3 release.

Producer Hiromichi Tanaka and director Nobuaki Komoto were interviewed about FFXIV in this week's Famitsu. Amid the expected discussion about the various problems the PC version has been having, the two revealed that the PS3 version has already been 100% ported over from the PC and is currently running on actual PS3 hardware. The staff is optimizing the game to make it play as smooth as possible.

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Dramscus2983d ago

ps3 and pc players coexisting on the same server. Shiver me timbers that sounds pretty damn good.
Hopefully the games in a lot better shape upon release than the pc version. I would like to buy it but as it stands now I'm a tad wary and a ton skeptical that squeenix can deliver.

showtimefolks2983d ago

and it sounds like ps3's version will be patched/fixed up by te time it comes out mmo's usually get better as time goes

i know many ff fan wanted a lot out of this mmo and hopefully SE can get their acts together it seems like they know the problems now time to fix them

Liquid Dust2983d ago

Thats great and all Square, but who the hell is going to want to play it? I mean really?

Dark_king2983d ago

I want to play it.Its never proper to judge any MMO in its first year.They grow and improve with player feedback,MMO's have always been extremely community driven.The community lets the devs know what works and what doesn't.FF11 had an advantage of coming out in japan first and getting feedback before the rest of the world got it.

Liquid Dust2983d ago

Youre right, they are community driven, but when Square didnt even bother to implement solutions regarding feedback from the players in the beta Ive lost most all hope for it

showtimefolks2983d ago

i say give them a chance and when ps3's version launches they should say its a relaunch for pc/ps3 all upto dates patches etc,,,,


¿Is this the 1st time an MMORPG is mixed with PC and PS3 in the same servers?

I think DC Universe also will have the same feature.

Dramscus2983d ago

It is the first, but yeah DC universe is trying to implement it too.
Though last I heard they weren't sure if they would but were going to try. They had it working on their test servers they just had to pound out the usability and balance details.

Neko_Mega2983d ago

Maybe the first in the NA, but Japan has about three or four I think MMO games that run threw the PS3 with PC's.

They are free to play to, so if you got a Japanese account check them out. But I will say this is more of the better looking MMO's.

xXxSeTTriPxXx2983d ago

fianl fantasy 11 was a mix of 360 and pc gamers.

NegativeCreepWA2983d ago

Actually FF XI can have PC, ps2, 360, and, PS3 users.

Sarcasm2983d ago

Too bad the actual game itself will suck.

Cold 20002983d ago

I wouldnt mind the next FF having a real fantasy design like FF14 rather than the space drama design a la FF13

XANDEO2983d ago

I wouldnt mind it going a bit retro like ffix, imagine an old school style ff in hd, one can dream i suppose

Optical_Matrix2983d ago

This. Thats one thing I loved about Final Fantasy XII.

Blaster_Master2983d ago

So if its 100% ported, then it 100% sucks still. Fix it.

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