5 Video Game Pet Peeves

Damnlag columnist Jack G. Ninivaggi shares 5 of his biggest video game Pet Peeves: "Two-Faced Character Behavior: You’ve survived wave after wave of enemy onslaught. You’ve torn off heads, traversed mountains, sailed raging seas. You are the baddest of the badass, and during the last cut scene you’re punched once in the chest and die. Hold on, what?"

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MechaZain2981d ago

Amen to all-seeing enemies. Hate sneaking up on a brute in Halo and randomly they turn around as if they knew the whole time.

boogeyman9992981d ago

Nothing is worse than stupid AI.

QuantumSponge2970d ago

"...gaurds in Metal Gear Solid that will always nowhere you are at all times."

Mr. Mali would like to have a word with you.