Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood review average beats Black Ops on Metacritic

The excellent Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood review scores have gifted the Ubisoft title a higher Metacritic average than Call Of Duty: Black Ops, FIFA 11 and Fable - making it a true contender for Game Of The Year.

Adding their weight to CVG's 9.2 Brotherhood review score are a host of full marks from other critics.

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MrMccormo2983d ago

In other news, F: New Vegas has a higher review average than Def Jam Rapstar.

Comparing average scores of two completely different multiplats = herp derp.

2981d ago
Lightsaber2981d ago

CoD is just another shooter not like therd are not tons of those out there. On the other hand there really isnt any other games like AC so AC is still fun.

Quagmire2982d ago

Well, its not like Black Ops was any good anyway

vickers5002981d ago

Lol, you have absolutely no place to call any game good or bad.

Here's why:

vickers5002981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

You're only doing so much more to destroy your credibility. You state that MW2 is a AAA game (lol). You also state that it's "fluid" (yeah, getting spawn camped by a chopper gunner with the blast radius of a few grenades is really fluid). You then whine and complain (because you obviously suck) that it takes a full clip of ammo to kill somebody. Lmao, you really do suck then, because I haven't had that problem once (except for killing enemies through walls without the hardened perk).

Otherwise, I've never had that issue. The problem is that you just suck, and you've gotten used to MW2s huge aim assist (Black Ops still has aim assist, but there is far less of it in Black Ops than there was in MW2, and it's extremely noticeable if you've actually played the game). Practice on getting better and stop blaming your sh*tty skills on the game, and you may actually end up enjoying it.

Lol, here's another one I found pretty hilarious:
"10.Underwhelming Kill-streaks
11.Underwhelming Explosions"

Yes, because we need WAY bigger explosions and easier ways for the computer to get kills for us! Every single explosion in Black Ops should have had the blast radius and damage of a predator missile, and after we get 5 kills in the first 5 seconds of the match, we should get a pilotable chopper gunner that has the same damage and radius of a predator missile for each bullet fired (with the ability to infinitely fire it like you can now), and spawn kill every member of the opposing team to where they don't even have a chance to get a kill (or your team mates for that matter)and then when that's done, you should be able blow up the map and end the match early while basking in pride that you were able to do nothing with absolutely no skill at all and have the computer get all your kills for you, and when it came time to where you actually had to do something, all you had to do was look slightly up and press a button! Whoooooo, MICHAEL BAY MOVIES FTW!!111!!11!1.


But you first killed your credibility when you stated that MW2 was your number 1 online shooter. Really? MW2? Not CoD4, or even World at War (which is just CoD4 with a WW2 skin), but MW2? That's honestly very sad, and a heavy indicator that challenge means absolutely nothing to you, and that you even despise a challenge.

But go ahead and delude yourself into believing that Modern Warfare 2 is better than Black Ops. It's really not my problem.

AKissFromDaddy2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

That's long. A lot of words to express how much I stink :-).

My credibility? What am I, a salesman? Okie Dokie.

Its cool that you love Black Ops, however I know it is the game stinks. Not to brag but MY K/D in Black Ops isn't GODLY but its a 1.97 and all I've ever played in every COD is TDM. Black Ops is not fun. All my links except one goes explains why it's not fun.

Pubs stars only put Domination or Free-For-All matches from Black Ops on Youtube now because TDM isn't fun to play or watch anymore. When there is a good TDM video, it's in a sea of FFA and Domination videos.

When you watch the Machinima Live Stream on Ustream all they ever want to play is objective based games, like Headquarters and Domination, FFA, or Wager matches because TDM isn't fun anymore. If anyone chooses to watch the LIVE stream, pay attention to the amount of bullets go into killing only 1 person.

LMFAO, if you thought the top killstreaks in MW2 were overpowered, you haven't used the chopper gunner in Black Ops b/c people have ZERO CHANCE OF SURVIVAL.

Treyarch is IW's(Respawns Entertainment) shadow. They live off IW's games and success and then make the games worse, instead of making it better. I don't record commentary but I've got this videos to show why dual mags is vital and why chopper gunner and dogs are so OP.

In MW2, you could take down killstreaks, it impossible in Black Ops b/c the chopper gunner/gunships will kill you as soon as anyone spawns and no one can stop the dogs and Black Bird killstreak. This game sucks. Treyarch sucks and you can copy and post this link as well in your future post :-)

PS. Notice how I never insulted you personally and I show links, too bad you can't be that way as well, smh.

vickers5002981d ago

Ahahaha! Either you're a complete moron or you're just trolling me.

"In MW2, you could take down killstreaks, it impossible in Black Ops b/c the chopper gunner/gunships will kill you as soon as anyone spawns and no one can stop the dogs and Black Bird killstreak. This game sucks."

Lmao. No, just no, lol. I've taken down about 3 of the 6 chopper gunners I've seen in Black Ops, they're easy. They move slow as hell and can't cover the whole map at once. The chopper gunner in MW2 movies like a f*cking cheetah on pcp and can freely move about and spawn kill everybody over and over again with no escape. You can even adjust it to shoot inside buildings that have roofs over it so you don't even get a chance to shoot it down because you keep getting killed inside a house or room.

And you thinking that dogs are overpowered just proves my point (even further)that you suck. Dogs are easy as hell to defend against.

Dual Mags vital? Lol.

I'm going to continue to insult you, because you absolutely need it if you actually believe the sh*t you are typing, but I will provide you with some links on why Modern Warfare 2 is one of the worst shooters of all time.

I could add many, many more, but I don't feel like spending any more time proving you wrong.

Modern Warfare 2 sucks, and Black Ops is just an all around better game, and if you would rely on skill rather than killstreaks, you would see that.

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Chuk52981d ago

How is this news?

This just in:
A journalist knows simple math.

kanetheking2981d ago

when it's only been 2 times.

vidha2981d ago

I got the game some days befor release. Im stuck in something called "The Truth". Its some kind of task you have to complete in order to unlock small parts of a video clip of some sort. Anyways... If anyone of you know what I am talking about, I need some help to sort out number five (i think). Its a wheel you have yo twist in order to figure out wich symbols youre gonna place above different numbers. I know it sounds confusing, and believe me it is. I was able to complete all og them until know. Im stuck, and I lack the IQ of a rocket scientist. Haha

vidha2981d ago

Om talking of assasins creed brotherhood btw:p

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