PSX Extreme: Dead Nation Review

PSX Extreme: "Two things used to be quite common at one time in the industry: zombies and top-down adventures. Zombies continue to hang on thanks to their inclusion in so many multiplayer FPSs and of course, they’ll always be around in the venerable Resident Evil franchise. But we’ve mostly ditched the top-down formula and the standard zombie design for the sake of progress; i.e., true 3D experiences and even nastier creatures that make zombies appear almost family-friendly by comparison. That being said, the top-down structure needn’t disappear entirely, as Lara Croft and the Guardian of Light proved such formats can still be highly polished and significantly entertaining. And while Dead Nation doesn’t offer quite the same level of depth and polish, it too can be considered entertaining and in some ways, downright addicting."

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Mister_G2984d ago

Might get this.... looks good :)

NecrumSlavery2984d ago

i want this despite of my boredom of zombies cause the co-op looks great & the game looks sexy