PSP2 dev kit snaps show twin sticks, trackpad

VG247 writes: VG247 has obtained the world’s first images of the current PSP2 dev kit.


We’ve been told by a source that these images are from the last kit. There’s a newer one, which is a single, non-sliding block.

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NYC_Gamer2988d ago

i hope the final product has two analogs

Red_Orange_Juice2988d ago

definately, and is not a phone

darkcharizard2988d ago

And yes, definitely not a phone.

nickjkl2988d ago

its going to feel weird going from right analog to button keys

TOO PAWNED2988d ago

Poor Sony can't keep a secret to save their life, always leaks. O well it looks cool and has two analog sticks

Red_Orange_Juice2988d ago

I love PSP go design, I don't have it only bacause it's download only.

ChineseDemocracy2987d ago

I love how with today's technology we still manage to take the grainiest photos known to man. My 3-year-old phone has like 3.1 mega-pixels, c'mon.

zireno2987d ago

I don't like the placements of the sticks, wouldn't it be a bit hard or uncomfortable to hold it when the sticks are too close to the edges of the device?

himdeel2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

...and there you have it...the truth ladies and gentleman, the pics are so grainy because a 1 year old took them. Or at least a person under the age of 3.

ExplosionSauce2987d ago

What are you guys talking about. Those are proper spy shots.
Grainy, out of focus and shot at awkward angles. LOL :D

darthv722987d ago

"The machine is rumoured to be extremely powerful, with approximately twice as much RAM as a 360."

Interesting choice of comparatives there. They could have said PS3 but it wouldnt have had as much impact I guess.

etownone2987d ago


I was thinking the same exact thing!!!!

But even though .... this thing has got my undivided attention.
I would much much rather have this then the 3DS.

It looks flawless .... couldn't ask for anythig more
and judging by that comment about the memory ... I expect a effin powerhouse of technical goodies underneath the hood.

HolyOrangeCows2987d ago

"its going to feel weird going from right analog to button keys"

Like we've been doing for 2 or 3 generations now, you mean?

Try again, troll.

MisfitSmurf2987d ago

He said his 3 year old phone?

likedamaster2987d ago

"We’ve been told by a source that these images are from the last kit. There’s a newer one, which is a single, non-sliding block."

-Good. No one would have bought that ugly abomination.

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Joule2988d ago


awiseman2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

AHHHHHH 2!!!! ANAOLGS!!! did i mention its has 2 analog stix???

JLeVRT2987d ago

God dammit Sony. I feel bad for them though... All of their secrets get leaked early. Cant wait for this thing though! Goodbye 3DS

dgroundwater2987d ago

You best be trollin'

Seriously though, even if this device has all the features, expect it to play second fiddle to the 3DS till the end. It will bee seen as premium priced, more serious gaming/multimedia hardware and will not sell nearly what Nintendo will.

avengers19782987d ago

That fixes one issue. I'm wondering what kind of media they will use, I know umd is out, and I'm not sure if there just going to do DDL.
Touch Screen?
My hopes for the PSP2 are high, and can't wait to see what it can really do.
The PSP has sold 60 million +, A really soild, sleek, and multi-functioning PSP2 could easily pass that in this day and age.

blumatt2987d ago

This looks pretty good. I’m hoping for two more things for the PSP2, now that it’s got two analog sticks.
((#1)) I hope Sony will start releasing PS2 Classics (like the PS1 Classics already on the Store) and they will be playable on both the PS3 and the PSP2. Alongside this wish, I hope the PSP2 will have all four shoulder buttons so all PS2 games will work.
((#2)) I hope Sony will get rid of the UMD format and put the PSP2 games on ROM SD Flash cards. They’re small, easy to carry around, and are available in capacities up to like 64GB, even more than a bluray disc.
I really hope the first thing I wrote will come to fruition because having the PSP2 being able to play the entire catalog of PS2 games would be a HUGE selling point. GTA 3, Vice City, and San Andreas are all games I’d like to see put on the PS Store as PS2 Classics and I hope they’ll be playable on both the PS3 and PSP2.

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pedrami912988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Looks like cheap plastic, and it's nothing i imagined it would be.

Or maybe it's just a prototype.

cyborg2988d ago

it's just a prototype-ish model sent to devs containing the beast within. The form factor aswell as the actual design of the console will change drastically before hitting markets. Sony has sent this to devs so that even if it's leaked, like in this case, the final "look" will still be retained.

Alternatively, it might be that they haven't really finalized the design yet and hence sent it to devs in the current form.

The earlier if they are smart and the later if they are lame.

pedrami912988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

frickin'-righty then :)
Positive bubble vote headed your way :)

zootang2988d ago

Didn't Sony say they were giving out false information to the media to see who leaks it?

Dirk Benedict2988d ago

i am administering a most fabulous bubble for this line of text that has come from your brain to my screen.

PS3ROCKS2988d ago

Can't wait to throw my old psp away for this

Dirk Benedict2988d ago

don't throw it away. i may want to buy it from you.


Shadow Flare2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

The final design will likely be given a big overhaul. Sony would never use a d-pad design like that. They always separate their direction buttons

dosgrtr2988d ago

that's exactly why it's a prototype

Fishy Fingers2988d ago

Looks horrendously poorly fabricated, even for a dev kit/prototype. Interesting though, shame the images look like they were taken from a 1990s camera phone.

f7897902988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

It's a prototype, meaning it's going to look like shit. Sony probably just threw new hardware in a PspGo and cut a hole in it for a second analog.

The shit pictures make me kind of suspicious though. Oh well, as long as it's released I'm happy.

Fishy Fingers2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

My point exactly, why fabricate some random D-pad and buttons like those when you have the ones you already produce in the PSP Go. It would have been cheaper.

silvacrest2987d ago

perhaps i didn't all fit, hence what we see before us?

jony_dols2987d ago

I'd say the pics were taken using one of those shitty 'spy' cameras, that come in pens and cuff links ect. (probably to remain inconspicuous)

No other modern digital camera produces that bad quality picture quality.

Scottyabanks2987d ago

Are you serious? Did you see the Ps3 dev kits, they were monsters. Sony isn't going to spend their money making beautiful looking dev. kits that are only going to be used for testing, debugging, and programming, just to throw them out and ship the next build of dev. kits to developers. That's a waste, if Sony did that, we'd be paying mad extra money for the console when it ships to consumers. It's all about what's on the inside, and when Sony finalizes it, they will wrap it all up in a nice, shiny, ergonomically correct shell.