October Software: Medal of Honor Sells 1M, Tony Hawk A 'Virtual No-Show'

Six percent software revenue growth at retail was one of the few spots of positivity in October's NPD results -- and yet it's less than half of what some analysts, like Cowen and Company's Doug Creutz, were expecting to see.

According to Creutz, it's "weak follow-through" for key September releases Halo: Reach and NHL 11 that helped create the disappointing results, alongside a below-expectations performance for Electronic Arts' Medal of Honor -- that title sold just over 1 million units during the month, roughly half a million below Creutz's expectations.

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jjank112985d ago

Alittle confused at the MoH 1 million units sold. I thought it was already reported that it sold over 2 million in a few weeks across all platforms.