Dragon’s Lair confirmed for Playstation 3 – Online High Scores, Screenshots, Trailer

During yesterday’s PSN update, Digital Leisure – known for its many ports of Don Bluth’s Laser Disc games – launched a 720p trailer of Dragon’s Lair for Playstation 3

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himdeel2984d ago

...would be ideal for this game :) I remember when this was at the arcade but I never could complete this game. $2 was my arcade limit from my parents at the time and I couldn't finish this game with just $2.

STGuy10402984d ago

and add a new dimension to the game. I remember pumping quarters into DL as a kid. I loved it. Sure, DL may not be a deep game, but it essentially gave birth to the QTE long before we even knew what QTEs were.

The Maxx2984d ago

I think this is awesome

lodossrage2983d ago

is coming next? It would be kind of logical considering they go hand in hand