Ninja Theory Dev Slams Bizarre Creations's on PGR4

In the latest news from the world of developers, Heavenly Sword, hotly anticipated title for PS3, developers has made some remarks about the latest Project Gotham Racing 4 trailer which was recently released. According to him the Ninja Theory developer "Those videos are simply not realtime, motion blur is done compositing several intra-frames together."

Bizzare studios developer ,Ben, responds that "It's all in-game."


The developer who made remarks about the new PGR4 trailer has contacted us and made it known that, he does not work for Ninja Theory anymore and that and he works in US. Quote:

"I don’t work for Ninja Theory anymore, I clearly states there that I work in USA, while NT is UK based."

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TriggerHappy4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

360 racing fanatics have a real monster on their hands there now that it has been confirmed to be all in real time.

Evil0Angel4063d ago

who are they ?
what they do ?
are they the one who made the Half-Assed doner kebab

Stella4062d ago

Bizzare credibility is zero.

They made similar lies about PGR3 before the 360 launch. PGR3 turned out to not even to be running at 720p, instead it was running at in low rez(something like only 1024 by 600) and was covered in jaggies due to a complete lack of AA.

Anyone who has the game knows this and can see it with their own eyes. I don't know what the hell the PGR and Forza devs think they are accomplishing. Bizzare got away with their lies because it was a launch title. Forza 2 got murdered by fan reaction when they found out that they were making similar lies about Forza 2's 'real time movies and screenshots'.

Just stop the lies. People are going to find out what the game looks like eventually.

nAo4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

1) I don't work for NT
2) I made an educated and substantiated comment about that trailer, I didn't slam a thing
3) it's reported that a guy from Bizarre Creations answered to me while that declaration was probably released BEFORE I wrote my statements on Beyond3D.

Well, I hope this story gets edited or removed cause it's made putting together a few false 'facts'

dantesparda4062d ago (Edited 4062d ago )

Why is this website writing the title like that? hm, its starting to becoming blatantly obvious that these websites are trying to start fights cuz it gets them the drama that they need to get hits. This is getting ridiculous, And is showing you, that alot of the gaming sites/press is starting to lose alot of credibility and instead is starting to get alot of suspicion of bias from people. To much fanboyism, and agendas, and expectations and hyping going on, on these sites nowadays.

Hey nAo, is that you? you the guy that made that statement?

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Shadow Flare4063d ago

This looks to be a good game

me_p4063d ago

if thats all in game... then looks to be very promissing AAA Racer ....

CG4063d ago (Edited 4063d ago )

I wish all the sony devs would STFU and concentrate on there own games, why do these clowns insist on attacking/critisizing the 360 devs???? i smell jelously lol.

dalectrics4063d ago

..but why would a dev of all people have trouble believing that entrance trailer is engine created footage? I mean I'm sure it has filters applied on top - but who doesn't do that? Seems strange unless it's just another PR stub to rattle people up.

BloodySinner4063d ago

Because their game turned out to be "half-assed" like the master himself said so, Tomonobu Itagaki.