How valuable is fan input when developing games?

Capcom is allowing unprecedented fan input in the design of the upcoming Mega Man Legends 3. How much value does fan input have in the game industry?

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Godmars2904762d ago

On one you've got Capcom, despite taking some fire for game quality, inviting their fanbase into the dev process and only getting praise for it. On the other there's Square, only paying lip service to the point they don't regard feedback for the FFXIV beta. Neglected to include it in the design process.

One company regardless of turning out crap 3 out of 4 titles has us solvating for that 4th title, while the other makes us - me - wish it would just crawl off and die.

Maybe before vsXIII is out, but not by much...

firefoxprime4761d ago

My question is what kind of gamers are SE fans?
I used to be a huge RPG fan, but turn based games bore me now. Just don't have the time to grind. Life. Gotta live it.

I liked SE(Squarsoft) for the KH series. action rpg's. fast paced action. That's what I've matured into. So thats why FFVersusXIII appeals to me. So if the people who are pissed with SE are the hardcore turn-based rpg fans...well then, sucks for you.

dangert124761d ago

Having played killzone 3's beta i would say very important same with Halo Reach they both lost what made the hardcore appreciate the games saddly i think the kz 2 community will die when number 3 comes out which is sad if were going by the beta kz3 multiplayer is wack but still its a beta and i will get hands on the end product before making my mind up but if its not broken don't try fix ya seeeeeeeeeee

ThePsychoGamer4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

I once posted on Sega's Yakuza forums that Yakuza needed zombies, five months later Yakuza: Of the End was annouced... joking of corse (about a connection between the post and the game )


Capcom Is Counting on Major Unannounced Game to Reach 45 Million Units Target by March 2024

Following the announcement of its super-positive financial results, Capcom hosted a Q&A session for investors and analysts, teasing a big unannounced game.

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XxSPIDEYxX33d ago

Monster Hunter World 2! Or whatever they decide to call it. Oh, it's going to be massive!

Cacabunga33d ago

Surely something MH related.. now I’m only hoping it’s not a mobile version

CantThinkOfAUsername33d ago

Seems way too far of a target. Their best selling game ever is Monster Hunter World (last reported number in August 2023 is 19 million).

GhostScholar33d ago

I wish I could get into monster hunter. I played world, and enjoyed it at first but I just don’t thjnk the loop of killing the same monsters over and over to upgrade gear fun. If there was more story maybe, but I guess it’s just not for me. Not saying it isn’t good though just not for me.

Profchaos33d ago

Re9 maybe they did say a new re engine had been in development still it's probably to soon

LabRat33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

Yeah I doubt it. RE8 only sold around 8 million, which is still good, but I would not expect the 9th to suddenly to skyrocket to 45 million. Plus it is extremely unlikely one will even come out before then.

Kurisu33d ago (Edited 33d ago )

45 million is a lot, and March isn't that far away for something that's unannounced.

EDIT: "The company has sold, in the first half of the fiscal year, 22.6 million units of its video games, but that's only half of its annual target of 45 million units."

^ Ah, that makes sense! I thought that was bloody unrealistic lol

notachance33d ago

also the article stated that the company included games without release date in the unannounced category, so it’s most likely dragon’s dogma 2 instead of a mystery game. March 2024 is only 5 months left afterall..

Plague-Doctor2733d ago (Edited 33d ago )

I doubt theyre expecting DD2 to sell 10+ million copies. The only franchise they could reasonably expect to help make up the 22 million units theyre hoping for in the next 5 months is Monster Hunter. It took 11 years, an expansion, re-releases, and large price drops for DD1 to hit 7 million sold

Abriael33d ago

No, the article states that it *rarely* happens in corporate speech. It's a possibility, but unlikely.

notachance33d ago

idk, it’s a tight window between now and March for an unannounced title to get 10mil+ sales. If we’re excluding DD2 then the most likely series to get a surprise announcement is Monster Hunter especially with the 20th anniversary coming up on March, though I think it’s a bit of a disservice to the series to only get a couple months of marketing.

Bobertt33d ago

Megaman Battle Network 7 :D

Dandalandan11733d ago

A new Dino Crisis game would be awesome

ChiefofLoliPolice33d ago

My god yes. Hell is even settle for a remake of the first two.

Dandalandan11733d ago

Ikr? Just imagine how it's going to look with the RE Engine!

Agent7533d ago

Resident Evil is painfully stuck in the dark ages. Another Dino Crisis? That was a Resident Evil clone. Can’t see Powerstone 3 anytime soon. There isn’t anything else I’d like to see from CAPCOM as in a sequel. CAPCOM are scared of new IPs, which is why it churns out endless Resident Evil games.

GotGame81833d ago

The RE remakes were fantastic! Far from the "dark ages". I suggest you play the OG Resident Evil, and revisit your comment. The remakes all scored very well!

Plague-Doctor2733d ago

Street Fighter 6 came out 4 months ago. A new Monster Hunter is in the works. A new Dragons Dogma is in the works. As far as new IP they just released Exoprimal and have Path of the Goddess on the way. RE is also doing more than fine

Profchaos33d ago

I don't feel it is I think it reinvented itself with 7 and 8 going first person and adopting VR brings a lot to the game.
The remakes have felt rather classic re but that's what they were made to be.

Funny thing is when the re franchise tries something new there's always a backlash.
Re3 short sharp game - backlash not the true re 3 etc
Re survivor and light gun games - backlash
Re online games from PS2 and on - backlash again
Re6 - backlash for the action focus
Re 7 - better believe that got backlash for the first person mode