The Kinect Transforms Germany’s Karlsplatz Landmark Into Interactive Art

The Kinect is taking the world by storm, and it seems not only as a gaming and media peripheral. Developer Seeper transformed the Karlstor gate in Munich into a massive interactive experience that even attracted Dutch celebrity Sylvie van der Vaart.

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zootang2987d ago

Raphael is one lucky boy.

zootang2987d ago


Raphael Van der vaart is that gorgeous womens husband.

mskayz2987d ago

Technology keeps amazing me!!

Biggest2987d ago

You mean technology in general, right? This was just a Kinect marketing event. The Kinect wasn't used for anything here.

darthv722987d ago

all the stuff happening on the walls was recorded? Wow that the guys did such a good job anticipating what a real person would do and just pre program that.

+bub to you for knowing so much.

Biggest2987d ago (Edited 2987d ago )

When did they make a 40ft wide Kinect?

"This technology is kind of a representation of the type of interaction you can get with Kinect" -2:34 of the video

Since that is a direct quote from the lead member of the team that set up the event, I will take it as gospel. It isn't Kinect. It's technology that his team put together to give people a general idea of kicking balls with Kinect.

No where in my previous comment did I say anything was pre-recorded. So don't lie about what I said when it's clearly stated. Minus bub to you for not knowing so much.

Bigpappy2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

Starting to sound, ah whats the word? Foolish! That should do it.

He is obviously using Kinect with a simple projector. Do I have to explain what a projector is too?

DigitalAnalog2986d ago (Edited 2986d ago )

The video was clear as day. I thought Kinect only support 2 players max, but thanks to a projector it can support a whole crowd of people at the street?

Secondly, isn't the Kinect SUPPOSED to be in front of the person as opposed to being behind them?

-End statement

Biggest2986d ago

Really, dude? He's obviously using Kinect with a projector?

A: Why didn't he say that? I gave his quote and time of quote in the video. He didn't say anything about using Kinect.

B: What would a projector, which projects images, have to do with the Kinect, which is a camera and not an image, being used by hundreds of people at the same time?

Explain those, darthv72 and Bigpappy. I would LOVE to hear the new explaination.

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rsj2000mrs2987d ago

Can't wait to see what comes out within next few years :)

Omega42987d ago

Wow MS certainly knows how to launch a product. Kinect's potential is incredible.

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