Black Ops - Transporter Zombies Mode (Game Play Video) (Spoilers)

This item can be used after a certain level of the zombie waves has been survived. Then you must restore the power, thats when you can start to do some really cool stuff. This one is especially cool, if you can survive long enough to get to use it. At this point of the game play the waves of zombies are attacking at full capacity. But when you do get there this item helps you complete the waves by staying alive.

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Hayabusaman2987d ago

This is cool you have to try it.

vgcgames2987d ago

this game just keeps getting better.

jpod2987d ago

I don't think it matters how many waves. Just gotta activate the power and activate the teleport links?

flyingmunky2987d ago

The real problem I found though is once you activate the power those super zombies that crawl on all fours come out to kick butt.
Also they didn't show it in the video very well but there is a vending machine up there that upgrades your weapon for $5000, I think. Didn't have 5k the one time I made it up there to try it out.

jpod2987d ago

Yea, it's like $5k. It's called Power Punch or something like that. I didn't have $5k too.

Hayabusaman2986d ago

Yes but you have to get the doors open to do that and it takes points which takes quit a few waves to build up those points.

2987d ago
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