Battlefield Bad Company 2 VIP Map Pack 7: The Cold War is Back

BFBlog: The third post in our series on the upcoming VIP Map Pack 7 brings you to a small village in the mountains. There sits one of the most tight and intense infantry maps for Battlefield: Bad Company 2.

Cold War will be recognized by players of Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as the place for one of the singleplayer missions. It features an up until now quiet village high up in the mountains, located deep inside Russian territory.

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IMChampion2983d ago

This looks great! Close quarters combat, looking forward to it!

Yi-Long2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

... then all the DLC, except Vietnam, is free right!?!?

visualb2981d ago

yes. Vietnam should also be cheaper for those who bought the game new (like 10 dollars I believe?! )

thats my educated guess anyway

played vietnam, its awesome =) def. worth it IMHO.

Yi-Long2981d ago

Good news. Was thinking about picking up BC2 when it hits the bargain-bin.

muzzy2981d ago

Yes, if you get VIP edition (which means any new copy but better be careful as launch ones were also standard edition).

Yi-Long2981d ago

... I never buy 2nd hand games. I always just wait for them to drop in price and then pick them up new.

Does the Ultimate release also come with VIP codes!?

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scar202983d ago

Just give me a release date and i will be all over it xDD.

christheredhead2981d ago

im so stoked for this map pack. ive poured hundreds of hours in to bc2 so its great to finally see some new maps. vietnam will also be a welcomed addition. such a fun game.

Terarmzar2981d ago

I bought the game used and im not gonna pay anymore for this game because with all the dlc i bought it would add up costing more than the game brand new.

DoomeDx2981d ago

Well, thats your mistake for trying to be cheap ! :D

No seriously, V.I.P codes suck.
I bought Bad Company 2, so my brother & i could share the game together.

Problem is, the V.I.P code is account based, and we both have diffrent PSN my brother is stuck with the standard maps, while i have the VIP code attached to my account

Vip3r2981d ago

If you have the "remember my password" on your account checked you can play DLC and games on other PS3 accounts on the same console.

DoomeDx2981d ago

Cant belive how slow the N4G community is in terms of approving..

this was posted 2 days ago! And just got approved a couple of minutes ago..

Seems like the N4G community only approves articles of games they care about.

IMChampion2981d ago

So true, unless it says Call of Duty or Halo or Gran Turismo, it ain't going nowhere lol.

I was shocked just now when I saw it on the first page, I was like, "this is mine?"

Big_Dom2981d ago

A last resort for me for news or something interesting. It's the equivelant of turning up late to a dinner party that served nothing but junk and trying to sift through what remains to find something edible to pick on. I only joined up to leave the odd comment on the things that appeal to me out of boredom. If anything, N4G is a clear indication of the state of gamers these days, with the likes of mediocre shite like Black Ops dominating the pages, and with stellar FPS's like BC2 news being religated to the afformentioned scraps. It seems that this gen is all about the hype wagon.

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