How long until PS3 & PC "Dead Money" DLC for Fallout: New Vegas is available (if at all)?

Fallout: New Vegas had it's first DLC mission announced this morning. "Dead Money" will be available for Xbox 360 on December 21st. But what about PS3 and PC?

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kmr19774762d ago

I have faith we'll see it soon after. Just another way MS is trying to "win" the console "war".

Red_Orange_Juice4762d ago

I wouldnt buy it even on 360. I'm gonna wait for a disc with all 4-5 dlc's and replace my copy.

FarEastOrient4762d ago

That's not a bad idea, I saved a great deal of money buying the game of the year edition of Fallout III. But I had it for the PC too...

What I really need is the patches to stop the game from breaking down.

MR LOOKINGBILL4762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

the same thing for sony way to win the console war with there exclusive dlc of ass creed.....can we say double standard here.

AceofStaves4762d ago

Sony doesn't need exclusive DLC to 'win' the console 'war.' It has enough first-party studios to ensure a steady supply of high-quality exclusives. Microsoft doesn't have those same resources.

RBLAZE19884762d ago (Edited 4762d ago )

So where was sony's exclusive dlc when the 360 was getting fallout 3 and gta 4 exclusive dlc?

solidt124762d ago

I am still Playing Fallout 3 on the PS3. I figure by the time I finish all the late add-ons on PS3 I will be ready for Vegas. Fallout is only game I can keep playing for over a year and still see stuff I never seen before. I can wait for the DLC because Im not even ready for the new game yet.

Philoctetes4762d ago

or if it even comes to the PS3 at all. By the time New Years Day rolls around, I'll have moved on to Mass Effect, Dead Space, Killzone, etc. I've enjoyed New Vegas, but I have no interest in DLC.

Christopher4762d ago

PS3 will see it, but not sure how 'soon'. Could be six months, could just be three months. We won't get any response until it happens since their agreement is reliant on them not telling us when it will be available on the PS3 so that people are more inclined to buy it on the 360.

ThanatosDMC4762d ago

Didnt know there was a DLC coming. I hope this lets me play my character after the ending like Broken Steel dlc.

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fanboybeater14762d ago

Glad I bought mine for 360, even though the game is broken.

guru95354762d ago

Should'nt they concentrate on fixing what's wrong with the game now before they even attempt to bring us more content?

MegaMohsi4762d ago

I can guaruntee you there will be download issues and gameplay issues on Day 1 with this DLC as well. As for when it'll be available for the other 2 platforms, I'm gonna say 6 months, so summer of 2011. I wonder if they will raise the level cap to 40 in any of the DLC's?

Simco8764762d ago

Glad I got mine on the PS3. Xbox owners can beta test the DLC for us.

Also too many other games to play, I can wait for the DLC

GodsHand4762d ago

I guess they also beta tested the Fallout 3 DLC for us as well for a whole year.

Kran4762d ago

You realise the DLC is exclusive to the Xbox 360 dont you?

King-Leonidas4762d ago

timed exclusive. That´s how MS roll...