Black Ops Review: 7.5 And In Need of Some TLC

For anyone who has played Call of Duty Black Ops, it is hard to overlook some major flaws in what is going to be one of the biggest games of the year. While others will turn a blind eye to problems and report only the good, I feel obligated to review the game as is.

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xxxAnubisxxx2987d ago

7.5? It's funny how people are lowering their scores because of the party system problems. Do they realize that the reason they're so disappointed and angry about it is because they WANT to play the game because it's good? They wouldn't be nearly as upset if the game was truly a 7...

It will be fixed soon.

JeffGUNZ2987d ago

I agree man. I see in the video the 360 version running. I have no idea what he is talking about with lag. I honestly never quit one game with lag nor has my friends I play with. I think the party merging is frustrating and the spawn system needs patching, but once they are fixed this game is a solid 9.5 for me. I love it. I have put in 28 hours MP so far and I am still as addicted as I was on launch day. Once the patch comes and these problems are addressed, this game will shine as one of the best, if not the best, COD to date.

Soldierone2987d ago

9.5?! Seriously? Even if they do fix all the issues, it isn't a 9.0 game. Im not saying its a bad game or horrible game, its defo not a 9.5 game.

JeffGUNZ2986d ago

I guess I am not allowed to have my opinion.

Myst2987d ago

First Call of Duty game and I find it quite fun, don't really have a basis for judging it on past iterations, but at least I'm having fun with this one :)

xxxAnubisxxx2987d ago

You're not missing much with previous games.

Johandevries2987d ago


Wtf man, go play UO or Call of Duty 2.

Soldierone2987d ago

Finally real reviews are coming out. I don't think it deserves aa 7, maybe an 8, but its no where near perfect or anywhere near the numbers of MW2. Personally I waited it out, tried to give them a chance to fix the issues before I started telling people how I feel about the game. Yet where is the fix? Why is it still full of flaws?

DBLDeathDealer2987d ago

Yup, good review. Makes complete sense. I play CoD so me and my friends can have a good time. I mean, it is a team type game. That is why there is really only one singles type mode.

It is frustrating to have lag or not be able to join with them. I just can not believe game after game, we continue to talk about the same issues.

Thanks for a realistic look at the game. Let's hope a patch comes out.