THEY - Teaser trailer, new screens and first details

THEY is a mystery-first-person-shooter, which means the storyline and the gameplay utilizes the fascination and fear every player get from unknown things he could not understand or imagine in the beginning. So THEY tries to get away from standard boring storylines of shooters, which normally could be rather more ignored, but will bring to the genre a storyline driven shooter.

(Click on the player window below to start playing. The teaser trailer is after the advertisement.)

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Pete_Approved4088d ago

Ha, comming out in 2009. Nice :P

hardcorehippiez4088d ago

long way off yet but showing promise of a good game . cant wait to see wot else is ahead - good times for next gen gamers i think

InMyOpinion4088d ago

LOL! That was so bad I almost started to cry. What's up with his accent?! I did'nt know Jean-Claude Van Damme was a voice artist in teasers lol!

AllroundGamer4088d ago

Alien meets FF Spirits Within? :D

Devr4088d ago

The voice and text were horrible. Game looked pretty impressive considering it's 2 years away from completion.

XboxOZ3604088d ago

Not everyone comes from the USA of UK . . . Many great developers come from the upper regions of Europe, and funnily enough, have accents . . funny that. And seeing the games a good 2 years off, approx, then anything seen now will most likely change a great deal by the time finished code appears, such as fonts/text etc.

What is is with so many of you guys. You seem like you must dish everything that appears, just for the sake of it. And, if it's not appearing in the next few months, most people don't want to know about it, yet, conversly, shout and scream that there's no games coming out.

Try looking around, there's heaps of games coming, I have a list of over 370 xbox360 games alone coming out in the next 18 months, (not including PS3 or Wii games). And if that's not enough to keep gamers happy, then nothing "ever" will.

'Some' gamers need to lighten up, and appreciate what they have, and what they're getting. Remember, you don't spend 2 - 5 years building these games, you just spend a few hours playing them, or dishing them. The game looks great from what little has been shown of it so far. It'll be great to see it develope over the next 2 years.

Well it will for those with some paitence that is . . . .

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