Nintendo's Innovation Gap: When a Disrupter Becomes the Disrupted

Four years after revolutionizing the electronic gaming industry with its "motion-sensitive" Wii entertainment console, Nintendo finds itself at a cross roads.

Make that crosshairs.

With sales down a full third this year, and rivals Microsoft and Sony poised to leapfrog it in terms of new gaming technology, many are wondering how one of the most successful innovators of the last 20 years would end up in a defensive battle against would-be disrupters.

The answer has a lot to do with the company's product development model.

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Dramscus2981d ago

That's silly, their doing fine, they've sold tons upon tons of consoles, the wii is still selling alright. Granted it's not booming but thats really not a big deal.
Thoir best bet and most likely course of events is releasing thoir next system around the time the other companies release theirs, possibly a bit sooner.
I'm sure they've already got it mostly designed, so they'll probably be working on some stellar release games and working the price down.

dannybohy2979d ago

They are were they are because they havent actually innovated in 20yrs! and now that the big boys have caught up with the motion control the cracks are showing. apart from Wii remote they have just banged out the same underpowered, underfeatured unit generation after generation. no dvd playback?! no decent HD or Harddrive! whats all that about! personally I cant stand any of the motion control i do enough excercise in the day without spazing about in front of my xbox when I get home!

ChickeyCantor2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

"They are were they are because they havent actually innovated in 20yrs"

The moment you start out like this, the rest of your post is not worth reading at all.

Its not even relevant to anything this article is going on about. And the fact that Nintendo triggered a new kind of attention for the industry completely counters your nonsense.

na-no-nai2979d ago (Edited 2979d ago )

Forget dannybohy, he a troll
Nintendo innovate the way we play games today. ^_^ anyone who doesnt see that is delusional. D-pad, Analog, first successful wireless controller, motion control, rumble, lock-on target.

na-no-nai2979d ago

Beside once Nintendo innovate on something new and crazy; all the other 2 console makers will be jumping on the bandwagon like how they did now.

Beside not having dvd playback into the wii outside of Japan shows you that you do not need dvd playback to get the attention of people.

jack_burt0n2979d ago

They have innovated in capturing a new market, but technically the only companies innovating with motion controls on the wii have been 3rd parties.

Nintendo in house have been turning the wii mote on its side and going back to NES days.... what the hell does that say about innovating gameplay lol.

deno2979d ago

Master of all knowledge says they haven't innovated in 20yrs. Just to let you know the gamecube had the best hardware of last gen consoles, ibm power pc gecco. Sony and micrsoft switched to ibm this gen. You're probably not even twenty yrs old. The n64 was the first console to use rumble, then everyone else jumped on the bandwagon.