Apache Air Assault Review (The Game Fanatics)

Apache Air Assault is a flight simulator unlike any other They’ve played, and those who know me are aware of my love for simulation games. The first and probably the most obvious is the fact that for a flight combat simulator, your vehicle is not a fighter jet, but a variety of attack helicopters. You have a wide selection of choppers to choose from, including the Apache Longbow, Fire Scout, and even a few prototypes. One thing to note is that the helicopter you choose is extremely vital to your success on the battlefield, and with a balanced loadout system, strategy plays a large role.

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Microsoft_Spokesman2981d ago

Impressive score. Is this a full priced game?

soundslike2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

"...if you’re looking for a very detailed and highly realistic military flight simulation game it does not get any better than this"

This is more for people who have been waiting for a decent chopper sim since practicing BF2 chopper skills in empty servers. The average joe will probably miss the depth, and see this game as forgettable, but its pretty legendary to me SOLELY for the fact they didn't dumb down the controls to "driving cars in air" like action games tend to do.

Fanb0y2981d ago

The demo's pretty awesome - had some fun times with it, but I'd say its a good rent for the majority of gamers.

Drjft2981d ago

HAHA. This has to be a joke, or the author is extremely inexperienced at actually reviewing games and playing simulators.

This isn't a "sim". It's an Arcade experience. There's no real simulation to the game besides the "Realism" flying mode that just adds barely any control to the helicopter. The average engagement of an AH-64 is conducted circa one kilometer from the actual AOE, but once again, console kiddies need that cocacaine shot of action, so all your engagements are 10m from the target.

The damage model is unrealistic, as are the weapon damage tables and just all the game. Go play ArmA 2, fly one of the choppers in that, and even then it's only a semi-simulated environment. Go pick up Digital Combat Simulator: BlackShark. Then you can tote about "your love for simulators", because if this is the only "simulator" experience you've got, I'm chalking you down as another console hero.

soundslike2981d ago

As a PC game I wouldn't argue that this game does anything new, but it fills a gap on the consoles that hasn't really been touched upon.
No need to bash something that could lead to more opportunities for developers to make games that you might not actually be so negative about.

Der_Kommandant2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Try playing the game using realistic controls and cockpit view ;)

Drjft2981d ago

And just moving a couple of joysticks?

TheBand1t2981d ago

I liked the demo, but I'll probably wait until it's cheaper.

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