PlayStation Move Sales Reach 1.2m Units Worldwide

VGC writes: "According to internal estimates by VGChartz, there are now over 1.2 million unique Move-compatible PS3s worldwide as of November 13th. This figure is based on sell-through of 1.9 million Move controllers (across all SKUs) since launch on the September 17th. VGChartz estimates that sell-in for Move controllers is likely to be over 3 million units by now. Around 40% of units have been sold in the Americas and 55% in Europe."

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MrMccormo2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Didn't Sony post official sales that were well over the 1.2 million mark like...a month ago? Didn't Move sell 1.4million in Europe alone like...a month ag?

Oh, but these are "estimates", so it's all ok. Sheesh, THINK, people! Are they ACCURATE estimates? Has VGChartz ever been known to make ACCURATE estimates?

jack_burt0n2989d ago

he quotes his source as being michael pachter....................... lol

InfectedDK2989d ago

I'm seriously tired of dif. numbers all the time.

raztad2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Sorry but VGC is as meaningless as Pachter at this point in time. VGC totally lost me when MS/Sony released their figures for last quarter. PS3 totally undertracked, XBOX highly overestimated.

Going to wait for Official figures.

Boody-Bandit2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

I don't understand how flat out lies get approved.
It was reported weeks ago that Move sold 1.4 million in Europe alone and now VGChartz is claiming 1.2 "worldwide".

Sony releases their official numbers and VGChartz still has them listed a 1-3 million off on average. Estimates or not VGChartz is blatantly giving false information and yet their bullshit keeps getting approved. This garbage site should be banned but that would take integrity to happen which we know this site sorely lacks. The only thing that matters here is hits.

8-bit2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Finally! VGcharts is posted under "Rumor" catagory! lol

This should be mandatory for all VGC articles and numbers.

jack_burt0n2989d ago

Official news just in!!!!!!

move has SOLD OVER *10 Million!!!

wow that is amazing! go move!

*offical source: darkride66

D4RkNIKON2989d ago

lol @ 8-bit.

"Q. VGcharts has posted that you have sold 1.3 million move units. Care to comment or verify that their numbers are correct?

A. We do not comment on rumors and speculation. We will post our units SOLD at a later date. - Sony"

BrianB2989d ago

well ofcorse Sony's gonna say that, i mean everything Sony says is 100% truth right ? you shouldn't believe everything big corporations say dude.

oldjadedgamer2989d ago


Lying to shareholders is criminal.

nix2989d ago

best news evaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!! and THAT'S THE FACT!

2989d ago
Theonik2989d ago

The chartzzzz strike again! If they were going to pull numbers out of their ass like they usually do they should at least try and make them look credible.

xAlmostPro2989d ago

move has sold 1million in the US Alone since launch, its probably closer to 2.5-3million worldwide by now although i could be wrong..

just saying its defo over 2million.. and thats fact

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AXEFACE2989d ago

Funny how a sales site neglects sales and instead reports "unique users" this time. Shouldn't they start doing that for their console sales aswell then? Fucking bullshit!

A sale is a sale. And SONY reported 2.5m sales, and 1.5 in EU alone. But for some reason, they're changing it up just for the PS Move. Such hypocricy!

Sheikh Yerbouti2989d ago

Just one Kinect would do, but you should have more than one Move controller - so I'm told because I only have one at the moment. Instead of making it seem Move has fewer than it has, it only shows how insipid this motion control sales war is. We have BS sites like VGChartz and Pachter at the 'battlefront'.

Both peripherals are doing quite well, as are both consoles. It is interesting that you mention that 'unique users' for consoles. With RROD and weapons of mass account banning, this would favor PS3 in its insipid 'war' with 360.

Ju2989d ago

They have selective rules. Why else is Wii Sports, which is bundled with each console, in the top 10 SW charts since launch...

hakis862989d ago

Even VGChartz reported more than 1.5million sold in october... ?!?!


jneul2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

you never give up do you?? 2.5 million moves shipped announced over a month ago with most selling out, and sony having to up production use your brains move will be well beyond 3m sold by now
also i have a huge pile of kinects standing around does that mean kinect is not selling either??

8thnightvolley2989d ago

buhaha just 1.2 mil.. serrrriouuusslllyy.. kinect already caught up in 10 days.. talk about speed..looll

MsmackyM2989d ago

Higher priced PS3 Move console bundled ahead of Kinect console bundle:

Move Starter Pack ahead of Kinect /Adventure pack.

I'm waiting for the Kinect to beat the iPad sales, or is it just over inflated hype.

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blackburn52989d ago

VGC figures? *Walks away*.

DoomeDx2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

@ all the VgChartz Haters:

There was an article about it yesterday.
They clearly said that all their numbers are Estimated!

Which means they are not supposed to be a 100% accurate!

Stop trying to fit in with the N4G members by saying stupid things like that.

You are stupid if you think these are the official numbers!
Im looking at you Greenburg!

Edit: Oh god people disagree already

Triella2989d ago

"Which means they are not supposed to be a 100% accurate! "

Yeah but they are at least supposed to be realistic.

Anon19742989d ago

Exactly. I can make estimates too.

10 million!

There's my estimate. Now my estimates were routinely off 20-30% when official data was released, people would rightly stop using my estimates, for anything. I could whine "But they're estimates! They're not supposed to be right! But every now and then I get close," like VGChartz just did, but it doesn't make my figures any more useful.

And that's the thing. Nobody wants my estimates because they'd be very wrong, most of the time - much like VGChartz. If I put them out every week and no one could ever verify if my weekly figures were even close, because there was never a source to verify them against - they'd be that much more useless.

Yet VGChartz every week subjects us to their unreliable, unverifiable weekly numbers. Why even bother? It's useless.

ryuzu2989d ago

Who are you? Another alt-log for some vgc cretin or a different whiny contributor of guesstimate figures?


DigitalAnalog2989d ago

How the hell does VGChartz record Worldwide status lower than SONY's sold numbers in Europe alone and call that an ESTIMATE?

And here they are trying to defend themselves with that pathetic excuse of an article.

-End statement

Man_of_the_year2989d ago

"Yeah but they are at least supposed to be realistic."

You don't think that an estimate of 1.2 is realistic when 1.4 is the numbers that Sony gave?

Are you serious? They are only off by .2 million and don't forget, Sony reports "shipped" not sold. So I would say that 1.2 is pretty damn "realistic".

@ darkride66

You're just a loss cause. Use your head.

RIP_Weazel2989d ago

If I threw my own sh*t at the walls, and claimed that Buddha was speaking to me through the splattered patterns, then i'd have as much legitimacy as VGC.
It's personal opinion.
It's a misinformed or dishonest personal opinion.
As such it should carry no weight at all, so why is it even being referenced as some cultural/sales guru?
Good to see the majority see it as the head shaking waste of effort it is.....

PimpHandHappy2989d ago

i will not hit disagree but just so you know... They only number that is official is the one from Sony, all other services like NPD are also not 100% accurate. If you really care that much about such things just go with what Sony MS and Nintendo provide

Dee_912989d ago

yea estimates from a group of people who seem to dont do any research

Ju2989d ago

"Which means they are not supposed to be a 100% accurate!"

Rephrase that:

"Which means they are 10% accurate!"

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no_more_trolling2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

please walk away into traffic

Omega42989d ago

Even if these aren't accurate everything points to Move selling averagely and Sony over-shipping to make it seem like it's "exceeding expectations".

BrianG2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Same can be said about other products that I can still find in my local gamestop. Even the day after launch, could still find it. But it was sold out right? Same with Move, was sold out right?

idk. Regardless the numbers presented aren't bad. Little advertising gets 3 million in sales, only 1.2 unique users. Doesn't sound terrible to me.

EDIT: The only reason I brought up other products is because I know Omega likes them.

And for below, they are saying 1.2 "UNIQUE", meaning they are claiming over 3 millions sold, but everybody bought 2 or more move controllers. I personally doubt it.

Dorwrath2989d ago

Just wait for the fanboys to start comparing lol

Thing is you can't even compare how each are selling.

With move you gonna have buyers that buy, 2, 3 or even 4 move units per console. With kinect your gonna have buyers buying one unit per console.

In anycase it's sales. Get on with gaming.

rrw2989d ago

Just to make clear. number of sales actually 1.9 million (individual move controller) and number of move "enable" ps3 is 1.2 million (customer buy 2 or more move controller counted as 1)

Ju2989d ago

And this is based on what?

So, if someone goes into a store and buys a controller only he must not count, because he obviously already had the start bundle.

Or maybe he/she already had a camera. And yet, its not a sale. Not getting it. Because I sure did not fill out that survey when I bought mine.

Dorwrath2989d ago

BS. Each individual move controller counts as 1, when sold at retailers.

If a customer buy 4 individual move controllers it is not counted as 1, it is counted as 4

Cogan12989d ago

So, we have 1.4 million sold in europe but only 1.2 million worldwide?

Masterchef20072989d ago

Europe is another planet thats why so in the end it is 2.6 million sold on earth plus the planet europe

ceedubya92989d ago

I didn't read the article, but the caption up top. It said "unique Move-compatible PS3s." I took that to mean 1.2 million PS3s that have people using move controllers on them. In other words, if a home has 4 Move controllers and one PS3, that counts as one unique move-compatible PS3.

So, the number of actual Moves sold could double, triple, or whatever the number of unique PS3s.

polow got sol2989d ago

And to think it only took kinect 10 days to reach over a million, kinect is a beast.

RBLAZE19882989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Hell yea you can sleep at night right. Do you feel better about yourself?

mushroomwig2989d ago

Why are you bringing up Kinect in a topic like this? Try to keep it relevant do the topic in hand.

Move will make them a profit and that's all they're concerned about.

TheBlackSmoke2989d ago

500 million dollars in advertising it......Fingers in ears lalalalalalalalalaala

Kinect is the 360's future

Move is a peripheral for the PS3