Kotick: 'We can take our time' with game development

CEO says Call of Duty house has 'luxury of patience'

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NYC_Gamer2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

so why does cod come out every year?

DoomeDx2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Who is 'we'?
Because the only CoD game i bought, was CoD4.

Bad Company 2 anyone?

@ NecrumSlavery.

I know. Seriously some people should start thinking before buying! I knew Black-Ops would end up like MW2.

NecrumSlavery2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

People in general. Those who bought it.

EDIT: For those who are generous, can I get a couple bubbles. Stealth disagreers are bad, but losing two bubbles from stealth trolling is terrible.

The_Darkest_Red2981d ago

wesley-dw, you asked who we was? How about the 5.6 million people who bought the game launch day? I know, I know, they are sheep and are not real gamers.

Anyway, you said you knew Black Ops would end up like MW2. Well coming from someone who hates MW2, I can honestly tell you that so far that is not the case. Black Ops fixed almost all the issues I had with the multiplayer portion of MW2, and it's been very fun so far. I really get the COD4 feeling from it.

I used to be just like so many of the people here on N4G who think it is cool to hate Halo and Call of Duty because they are popular or because Activision is evil. Admittedly, I am still not a fan of Activision's business practices but I will not stand here and tell you that Call of Duty and Halo games are terrible. I would be lying to myself, and I think most people who play these games would probably agree. The series' are not perfect (see MW2) but there is a reason why millions of people line up every time one of these games comes out: they have fun with them.

"Some people should start thinking before buying!"
I did. That's why I bought Black Ops.

JeffGUNZ2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

If you actually played blackops, you'd know its NOTHING like MW2. What about it is the same? There is no noob-tube spamming, no light-speed knifers, have seen ZERO no-scopers. The BS perks have all be removed and the perk balancing in this game is PERFECT. The game definately feels like the true sequel to COD4 and I never thought I would say this but Treyarch has saved this series.

Stop hating for the sake of hating and actually play the game and give it a shot. How can you sit there and say it's the same when you blantantly stated you never bought it.

Anyone who makes up their mind before they have ALL the facts is a complete ignorant moron.

Immortal3212981d ago

why all multiplat games have to be the same? How come multiplat games can't just be different on all console.

what's the point on developing on the ps3 and your not utilizing the hardware?

I say lets band multiplat games til they show all consoles justice. most of the time developers are developing on 2 consoles so what so difficult.

Get a ps3team and a 360 team developing under one roof.

let the online be the same, but spice up the single player. Give me 2 versions of the game, a dvd version and a blu-ray version.

antz11042981d ago

@ Necrum: Here you go my friend, "well said"!

@ Wesley: I'm thuroughly enjoying it so far; and the Dead Ops, Zombies, and multi is going to keep me entertained for a while. Your loss.

Kleptic2981d ago

I guess sales will prove what direction things are going...But I really am surprised at how many are saying CoD is still the king...

Going by internet hype and everything...I'm fairly sure Black Ops isn't close to MW2 in this regard...MW2 was nearly unmatched with anticipation...and Black Ops, just like World at must of the 'other' cod...its like 2 franchises in one from what I can tell...

I'm not saying its a bad game or anything...haven't tried it yet...but from what I can see it definitely isn't going to top MW2...not that it ever had a chance...

I guess my point is the obvious...Kotick is an idiot...and his company is only relevant as long as COD is crushing records...Black Ops most likely will not do that...Activision has absolutely nothing else to really offer that anyone cares about...yet he will milk CoD till dry and then some...while firing everyone else he can...

Activision will most likely crash harder than any big publisher ever has...except Sega...just watch...his short term plans make sense for the next year or so, but the backlash of these decisions have to eventually show up...

BlackSharinganX2981d ago

yeah you forgot the fact of this, glitches, lag, frame rate drop, snipers are pointless now in the game. But for me mainly the first 3, how can a 2 year developing this game have so much lag and glitches including frame rate drop , party drop ect. come on reality is here sequel to CoD4? never that game was epic and flawless when they actually cared about the gamers. Ill give treyarch to throw an update in a month if that month aint no patch, sorry sell the game and never buy a game of cod in my life.

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zootang2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Look at How the Tony Hawks franchise has died and I see a correlation with the Call Of Duty franchise. Don't you lot?

JeffGUNZ2981d ago

Really, because COD figures continue to get stronger. This series is the "it" series for a few more years.

Christopher2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

Well, they do take their time, they just hire multiple developers to work on the same franchise so that they have a good 2-year release schedule for a single game.

Having said that, he did say 'can' and not 'do'.

King-Leonidas2981d ago

´Kotick: 'We can take our time' with game development´
ahahahahahahaha good one Kotick

badz1492981d ago

you could, but you wouldn't!

ShadowJetX2981d ago


Just because they can take their time, doesn't mean he wants them too.

2980d ago
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KingZFlipper2981d ago

especially when a CoD game is released every friggin year and they all are rushed and buggy as hell.

Kleptic2981d ago

yeah I saw COD peak with MW2 released...everyone was playing the hell out of it...but then the trends started to change as map packs were terrible and overpriced...and bug were still around, yet not getting fixed...etc...

and now Black Ops is being haled as having the most bugs of any CoD game yet...and having multiple exploits that are nearly game breaking...

my guess is by early next year its popularity is going to go down drastically...and I hate to say, but i hope so just to get Kotich to shut up...

raztad2981d ago


This is the joke of the day.

DoomeDx2981d ago

This is the joke of the generation!


dredgewalker2981d ago

It's a costly joke since its from Kotick. Every bit of your laughter turns into coins that go in his pockets.

Redempteur2981d ago

i'm pretty sure the joke isn't finished ..get ready for the rest of the joke by dlc tomorrow

dredgewalker2981d ago

Do you mean he's gonna say that Activision's online games are lag free?

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solar2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

my broken launch PC copy of BLOPS says "hi".

renegade2981d ago

Activision the must impatient publisher ever...