NecrumSlavery4760d ago

I sadly won't be purchasing this. Thanks Bethesda for screwing over your fans.

GrieverSoul4760d ago

Im actually looking foward to play this game but after being ripped off by the amount of DLC and GOTY version of its predecessor, Im actually waiting for the ironing out of bugs and a GOTY version to purchase this one.


NecrumSlavery4760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Let me rephrase...

Thanks bethesda for screwing over your fans who game on PS3 and PC.

MAJ0R4760d ago

I was too tempted to buy this on the PC, was really trying hard to wait for a GOTY version though but I figured it won't be out for another year

RedDragan4760d ago

Lets have fixes before DLC please!!!

Are you listening Bethesda?! Fix your house before decorating it!!!

ThanatosDMC4760d ago

After the patch, i havent froze once yet on the PS3. What fixes do you guys want? So far i dont see anything wrong with it.

Though there is one side mission in which NCR dogs are guarding the console by the solar tower that if you attack them the NCR soldier would get balls angry at you and your companions.

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King-Leonidas4760d ago

what about a DLC called: ´Fix Me´

PooEgg4760d ago

While I understand your annoyance, you have to keep in mind the fact they are not the only company that does this. For example the PS3 Exclusive DLC for AC Brotherhood or that Batman Joker content.

I do agree in the fact that I hate exclusive DLC, no matter if it is exclusive to console or exclusive to a retail outlet, but don't think Bethesda is any worse then any of the other companies that make these types of deals. It's good business for them, but it really sucks for gamers.

EVILDEAD3604760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )

Poo egg above beat me to it..

It's always funny how when PS3 get's exclusive content ala 'Joker' for Batman, Dante, Dead Space 2, never hear a peep from that side..claiming 'fans got screwed'..

Both console get their share of content incentives from time to time..

Either way..can't wait..bought every DLC for Fallout 3 and will definately pick this one up..


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guru95354760d ago

Just finished the main quest, gotta go back though and finish the other side quests in time for this.

Nineball21124760d ago

Correct me if I'm wrong, but if you've completed the main quest, I don't think you CAN go back and finish the side quests. :/

dragon824760d ago

You can if you made a save file before you beat it. Most people who play Fallout games know to make multiple save files so they can go back to them later.

kmr19774760d ago

That's great, but when is it coming to PS3...and the PC?

GuruStarr784760d ago

Bethesda's Pr has not said anything on that yet.

dkblackhawk504760d ago

Says the submitter...why don't you ask Bethesda then?

GuruStarr784760d ago (Edited 4760d ago )


Settle down, bro: I did, but we only got the information just a few minutes ago - sorry, Bethesda is probably pretty busy distributing the emails right now.

guru95354760d ago

Probably a month later for PS3.