Five Signs You’re Playing Too Much Black Ops

Since Call of Duty Black Ops launched last week hundreds and thousands of hours have been poured into the game via the three modes. If you think you might be one of the people that has perhaps played too much here are five signs that you have:

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scar202986d ago

That's good but i haven't touched my copy since launch until treyarch fixes the lag in the ps3 version.

xAlmostPro2984d ago

you should probably get playing then the recent updates have removed most of the lag, improved the frame rate and yeah its way smoother online now xD

Lightsaber2984d ago

1 you own the game
2 you open the game
3 you actual played it
4 you didnt turn it off in the 1st 5 mins
5 you are still playing it

Blackdeath_6632984d ago

is when you cant hear your girlfriend anymore, in extreme cases you think she dont exist...

hennessey862984d ago

Cod4 was perfect in everyway and with this its just the same as MW2 something isnt quite right. My personal opinion is the maps are not good enough. theres to many places to camp where as in Cod4 you new all the camping spots because there wasnt that many. I think that none of the new cods have lived up to the beast that was cod4 and i think im going to trade in black ops for cod 4 as soon as i find out if there are still people playing it online.

AllroundGamer2984d ago

lame points... i would add:
1.) You lay a claymore at every doorstep
2.) After you wake up, you always make a 360 degrees turn, cause it happens so often, that one of your enemies will also wake up near your bed...
3.) You're tired of walking, camping is the new walking :)
4.) You desperately search in google maps for NukeTown, and if you found it, you search it again, and again, and again...

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