6 Ways 'Fallout: New Vegas' Made Me a Worse Person


I love the Fallout game series, almost as much as I love myself. See, my obsession with the apocalypse chiefly stems from the belief that whatever monumental disaster wipes out the rest of humanity will obviously leave me wholly intact. Because I'm me, and you can't spell 'awesome' without 'M-E.' To increase immersion, New Vegas introduces a 'hardcore' mode that adds a bevy of more realistic features to the game: You need to eat, stay hydrated, and get enough sleep to stay alive, there are more permanent consequences to injury, and your companions can die permanent deaths in battle. And this has finally allowed me to combine my two greatest loves - myself and the death of humanity - like never before: I started one of these 'realistic' games, and vowed to play it as if it were really me in there. My traits, my habits, my morals. Along the way, I learned some things. Horrible, scarring things that I wish I could now deny.

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Nineball21122983d ago

Mainly, becuase I can really related with everything the author talks about... LOL

ThanatosDMC2983d ago

I liked Boone more than Cass... i actually killed her. Didnt know she was a companion. I put C4 in everybody's pocket.

Urmomlol2983d ago

Perfect example of a list written right, unlike all the crap that's usually on N4G

STONEY42983d ago

Cracked basically does the best lists ever. In fact, the whole site is basically devoted to top # lists, and they're hilarious.

visualb2983d ago

could learn a thing or two from cracked authors =)

cracked are AWESOME

Bolts2983d ago

Agreed. A vast majority of N4G lists are pure garbage. This is a rare example of a hilariously well written list. Well done.

despair2983d ago

didn't read the article yet, will get to it now but its kinda funny the title says "...Made Me a Worse Person", it implies he was a bad person already lol :)

TANUKI2983d ago

I pack all my safehouses to the brim with useless/duplicate stuff in Fallout games... I'm definitely a hoarder.

HornyHaggis2983d ago

I used the men on the crosses in one of the first towns you come across for practice with my BB gun before testing out every weapon I had on each of them for fun, was rather fun in fact.

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