Killzone 3 Beta Now Available to All PlayStation Plus Subscribers

As part of a hefty selection of treats for PlayStation Plus subscribers, Sony Computer Enteratinemtn Europe (SCEE) has announced that the Killzone 3 beta will be available to all. No redemption code is needed, all PlayStation Plus subscribers need do is download the Killzone 3 beta client, available now on the PlayStation Store.

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NecrumSlavery2985d ago

You will all be in for a treat. This beta is awesome. This is by far my favorite shooter gameplay style. I can't wait to see the interface of the final version. They give you a few options to tweak, but I hope the actual game delivers more.

Make sure you play OPERATIONS, it's the coolest mode yet.

Pacman3212985d ago

Aww man your tempting me to subscribe to Plus just for the beta.

8-bit2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

SUBSCRIBE!!!! Get the 3 month sub for $17.99! Not only will you get into the KZ3 beta, but you will get 3 months worth of free content and discounts on PSN. It is worth it.

To be completely honest tho PSN+ is not that great. The content that they give you for free is old/weak. I got the 3 month sub when it released and when it expired I wasn't planning on re upping it till the service got better. The only reason why I re upped was to download the KZ beta theme and get into the beta and I did. It is worth it, Killzone 3's beta is far more fun than Black OPS.

There have been a ton of improvements from KZ2 to the KZ3 Beta. I love everything about the game. The match making system needs a little work but other than that it is an explosion of jaw dropping visual detail and fun!

NecrumSlavery2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Yup, SHATTER is free this month. I wasn't going to get it cause I was saving money so it's a treat. Damn the game is amazing. Also in case you didn't know I am an Oddworld Fanboy, Abe's Exoddus is free too.

The deadNation theme is sweet. The Force Unleashed II Dynamic theme is really awesome, it's a 9/10 even thought the game is only a 5/10.

Oner2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

I have to be honest, I was pretty skeptical about KZ3 because I was one of the early vocal people that noticed/felt the issue with KZ2's input lag. But I still bought KZ2 and tried to play through it but the input inaccuracy killed it for me, even after the patch that helped/fixed it a little.

So when I got into the KZ3 beta I had it sitting there downloaded but not installed on my PS3 for about 2 or so weeks, with little interest of playing it...then after reading a few things/comments/replies right here on N4G I decided to give it a fair chance without letting what happened with KZ2 cloud my judgement on it.

And to my surprise the game has VASTLY improved upon it's controls. I really couldn't have asked for anything more. They are damned good & the game is only in its beta! When you input a button press/action ~ it happens. WITHOUT DELAY. It is definitely not "COD" but not exactly KZ2 while yet almost still like KZ2 (if you know what I mean). Basically, the best way to describe it is that the weight is perfect as it should be, and the timing of input is dead on. It "feels" the way it should.

I am really looking forward to KZ3 now because with all the BS that Treyarch has done to mess up COD:BO (on ALL platforms) I've been looking to get into another FPS, and with KZ3 also supporting PS Move for that "similar to a mouse" aiming, it has my interest peaked. I just hope they patch PS Move into the beta so I can start messing with that soon!

I am quite critical of FPS's because of my CS experience (years of hardcore playing) and I was astounded as to how well the beta played. And as NecrumSlavery said "Operations" is the mode to play! Along with 8-Bit's "Killzone 3's beta is far more fun than Black OPS" comment I also would also have to agree. If you can try to get in, do so. You won't be disappointed!

DigitalAnalog2985d ago

" Abe's Exoddus is free too."

SAY WHAT? That does it, I'm subscribing RIGHT NOW!

-End statement

Ju2985d ago

Sleazy Sony. They will make me sign up for PS+...

raztad2985d ago


So far only confirmed for PS+ EU.


Just started playing Abe's Exoddus yesterday on my PSP. Dint pay a cent :D

Hideo_Kojima2982d ago

I missed the free Indian thing and got sooooo ANGRY THAT!!!!!


What else is good about PSN Plus I have no clue what else I can do with it but am sure theres other benefits.

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raztad2985d ago

Have fun everyone!

I'm loving the beta. It has some issues but game is awesome.


BECAUSE THIS GAME IS WORTH PAYING 100 BUCKS FOR .... kILLZONE IS THE BEST FPS I have ever played... AND ITS A BETA! I think ps plus is well worth it but to get this beta.... its a steal

TooTall192985d ago

THIS IS FOR EU ONLY! No word yet on the US, so spam the hell out of the US PS Blog and let them know you want this opportunity also!

hakis862985d ago

kinda bored with black ops so this made my day! Will be playing this heavily until GT5 takes up my PS3 for a while :)

BeOneWithTheGun2982d ago

Or anyone that was on N4G about 11:30 PST last night!

-Habeeb Jamahabaja

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Nineball21122985d ago

It's a good beta. I've been playing it for a while now and it's very fun. If you liked KZ2, then you'll like KZ3 (from what I've seen).

Chubear2985d ago

Not too big on MP shooters (unless they're made by Zipper for some odd reason). I'm more a Co-op type gamer with shooters but hey, FUN FUN FUN regardless.

Off to see if I can get downloading. I do wish we could have beta tesed the co-op though :(

thief2985d ago

You must have played Uncharted 2 and resistance 2 a lot then?
MAG and KZ2 competitive multiplayer have a bit of a co-op feel to them, maybe because of the emphasis on squads and teamwork

DaThreats2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

War Transforms Us

It's from MGS

zootang2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

The war for Cybertron?

Edit: I know (classic), I just liked the wordplay.

DontShoot-Me-Bro2985d ago


I checked and its not there....yet!

probably will come up when the store gets updated.

cant wait to play KZ3 Beta wooo!!!

awiseman2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

The biggest advantage of PSN over Live is that its FREE <<FREEE

Yet you have to buy PS+ to play the beta of one of the most anticipates exclusive titles on ps3? ROFLMAO

This kinda like a scheme to get people to buy PS+ if you ask me.

[email protected]: So making you pay is ok for making Money when sony does it but not ok If you have to pay For Xbox Live ROFLMAO ok

And I am looking out for ps3 players by posting this not my own interests because I do no own a ps3 and I dont even like Killzone. I just Think all PSN subscribers should have access to the beta is all.

Ducky2985d ago

They want to make money.
That's a shocker. =x

dead_eye2985d ago

@FatOldMan I don't see how sony make any money off ps+. I've downloaded more games for free than I would have got if I'd just put the £40 in my psn wallet

NecrumSlavery2985d ago

When you pay for PS+, Sony takes that money and puts it into cool features, free games, and much more. It's not a scheme, it's called business. They give you quite a bit for free already. You want the beta? spend the money.
I have had the Hulu Plus Preview, KZ3, LBP2, Assasin's Creed II, DeadSpace 2, plus a slew of other free content.

MrMccormo2985d ago

At least it's optional. XBL Gold members had to pay money to play games online like AC Brotherhood, Black Ops, etc whereas other consoles- not even the Wii - didn't pay a dime. How's that for scheme?

Arnagrim2985d ago

Plus subscribers pay for a premium service, therefore the services available to them should be superior. The point of a premium service is to make normal users feel like they're missing out on something, causing them to subscribe to the premium service.

hesido2985d ago

a not so wiseman's logic is so screwed up, it doesn't even need a reply. Oh well, I'm replying anyway..

awiseman: So xbox users who do not pay for xbox live can enter online betas? No? I thought so. Oh they can't play online either. But people who don't pay for psn plus can play online..

frostypants2985d ago

"This kinda like a scheme to get people to buy PS+ if you ask me."

No sh*t, Sherlock. So?

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