Famitsu software sales (11/8 - 11/14)

The latest top ten software sales estimates in Japan have been released.

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Game-ur2982d ago

What's wrong with gamers today, do they still exist anymore? Vanquish is having a hard time reaching 500K worldwide on all platforms.

F#@k multiplayer!

ZombieAssassin2981d ago (Edited 2981d ago )

The gamer has been replaced with the FPS junkie, sadly if it doesn't have online MP and isn't a FPS chances of it selling good are rare especially if it's a new IP.

blumatt2981d ago

But as sad as it is, the last three games I've bought were all FPSs. I bought Battlefield BC2, Medal of Honor, and CoD: Black Ops all on the PS3. But I'm going to redeem myself by purchasing GT5, LBP2, Twisted Metal, Versus 13, and The Last Guardian in the coming months and throughout 2011.

insomnium22981d ago

Me too blu. I bought several other games too from bargain bins. Games like Demon's souls, Persona 4 and Ninja gaiden sigma 2. Now all I need is time to play. My COD:BO was just shipped to me and my GT5 is already paid for. Good times...

Godmars2902981d ago

Why should Vanquish sell well in Japan when the game was largely meant for Western audiences?

Game-ur2981d ago

It did badly even in the west; NPD reported just 200k on all platforms, including Japan and Europe its just barley over 400k.

I think Japanese publishing is getting worse and worse, they have bad timing and bad marketing.