The Game Developer 50

Game Developer Magazine: People are what power our industry. Development teams pull together to create awe-inspiring pieces of interactive technology, and rarely outside of the indie world is any one piece of a game a single-person effort. But at times it's nice to single out those who have made great strides for our industry, on an individual level, even as a team leader.

And so, we present here our second-annual editor-chosen list of 50 important accomplishments of the last year-or-so, in the fields of art, programming, design, business, and evangelism, attempting to focus on the specific achievements of specific persons.

It should be noted that these names are not ranked -- they are listed alphabetically by last name. As independent game making becomes increasingly popular and profitable, we expect to be honoring individual achievements more and more in the near future.

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Pandamobile2987d ago

He may be fat but he's more successful than you will ever be ;)

Stuart57562986d ago

Let me guess, you're a fat too. I'm happy enough not been as successful as him, the success i've had in life is more than enough for me. If his amount of success had to come with being as fat as him I would quite honestly rather not bother ;)