It's enough with worse PS3-versions

Gamereactor: "It was obvious right at the beginning, acceptable in the first years and perhaps understandable from smaller developers. But now may be sufficient. Stop cutting corners with the PlayStation 3 versions, please!"

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disturbing_flame2984d ago

And why on earth don't DEV use the blu ray capacity ?
It's like don't use space in a big appartment and live only in one room.

Crazy thing.

2983d ago
Fishy Fingers2984d ago

Well multiplats are always going to prefer one platform, but the PS3 does seems to get the short end of the stick.

But when you look at it, it's somewhat understandable, one system being easier to develop for, more likely to sell more on said platform and "incentives" offered from that console manufacturer, your likely to get a better end result.

Excuses aside, they should have been closer, especially when games running the same/very similar engines managed much better.

Chris3992984d ago

Castlevania is a great recent example. Nothing for the fanboys to fight over, looks and plays perfectly on both systems. I am enjoying this game immensely.

thernztrom2984d ago

But on the other hand, if they would put more work in to the ps3-version.. Wouldnt it sell more you think?
I think more people would consider buying the ps3-version if developers did their console-versions more equivalent.

MegaMohsi2984d ago

Lead develop with the PS3 and then port it over to the 360/PC. The games that have done that have come out pretty much equal with one exception (FFXIII which was just a cash in for Square to rush a 360 port). Devs have said its easier to port from PS3 to 360 so why not have all games lead development from the PS3?? Vanquish and Castlevania are 2 perfect recent examples.

FAGOL2984d ago

I think time and lazyness is the problem. Publishers like Activision will give a short amount of development time to their devs, resulting in a worse off PS3 version. Some developers are just lazy but no one wants to buy their games in the end anyway. Some devs are realising the potential of making quality games for both platforms.

scar202984d ago

Yea iv'e had it with ps3 versions bieng shafted hell i have'nt touched my copy of black ops since launch until treyarch fix the ingame lag so as of now my copy is just collecting dust.

ghost042984d ago

Treyarch already has your money, so what do they care, if you play it or if it collects dust. Activision screwed up when they got rid of Infinity Ward, why would you get rid of the developer that made you the most money, and one of your best selling games? I think the reason most people bought Black Ops was because of all the hype and excitement that came with Moderen Warefare was a great game so Black Ops should be better in every way. Thsts why I haven't bought Black Ops for many reasons: low resolution, lag, spawning, etc...I don't know if they fixed it, but they need to make sniping harder, it pisses me off watching the killcam and seeing myself die when the crosshair is 5 feet behind me. It's bullshit it just shows you don't have to have ANY skill, if you did that deer hunting, the deer would laugh at you...cause you can't shoot for shit.

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The story is too old to be commented.