Spong: Right now, Haze is exclusive for Christmas

Haze-related news, rumor and speculation have been doing the Internet-rounds over the weekend regarding the fact that the game is a PS3-exclusive. You may recall Spong's coverage of Sony exclusives as mentioned at E3 in which Haze was pegged as PS3-only at least until the end of the year.

This - plus comments made a Leipzig, plus the fact that all mention of any other platforms has been removed from Free Radical's Haze web-pages - has apparently lead to the conclusion that the game will be PS3 exclusive.

So, Spong spoke to a representative at Ubisoft who spoke slowly and clearly to Spong, explaining, "Basically at E3 it was announced that the game would be PS3 exclusive for Christmas. That's where we stand - other platforms have not been ruled out but nothing has been confirmed."

Therefore, right now Haze is exclusive until Christmas... and then might or might not be.

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D R Fz4064d ago

Just news that we can talk about as a community.

If this is true, I think the amount of Ps3's sold over the holiday will have an affect on whether or not this title stays exclusive after the holiday season. What do you guys think?

Captain Tuttle4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

that just because it's news that some of the more rabid fanboys will find upsetting a good contributor has to point out how it's not flamebait. This isn't against you Feacherz, you're's just the state of the gaming world today.

And I don't think that the amount of PS3's sold over the holiday will matter unless Sony ponies up the dough. Even if the PS3 numbers surpass the 360's this Christmas (not likely) why would Ubisoft close off a huge segment of the market without a big incentive?

_insane_cobra4064d ago

I believe the game is definitely coming to the PC and the Xbox 360 next year. Those versions have already been in development since way before E3 07 (as confirmed by Free Radical), so why throw those resources to the wind? Unless Sony ponies up for exclusivity, but frankly, I don't think Haze would justify such an investment.

Besides, it'll be going against UT3 on the same platform at the same time. Haze would truly need to be a stand out title to beat that behemoth and I just don't see it.

TheMART4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Spoke to some Ubisoft persons at the booth in Leipzig and they said just about the same. The other versions are so far in development, they won't cancel them, unless Sony has paid a large amount of money, for paying of all the sales to the more solid 360 userbase that buys 6.1 games per unit average.

@ idontcare (below)

Ofcourse dude, I've expected that from you. Are you that ignorant as a gamestore salesdude? View the attached image. And stop that Sony loving, just pull your head out of Kaz's ass. I think you don't own a 360

bootsielon4064d ago

Or anyone else could have taken it. You're not really proving anything with it, unless you show yourself in the picture, possibly with a "theFart" T-shirt.

(Hint, hint; if that picture was really taken by yourself, which I doubt, try that next time if you want some credibility)

mighty_douche4064d ago

because you post a picture of a 'press pass', well that obviously gotta be yours huh?
oh and just so i know, what company are you a member of the press team for?

paul_war4064d ago

It seams like your lacking credibility here MART!

TriggerHappy4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )

Guys, look at what Mart had to say when Haze was announced PS3 only
"I played Haze @ pressday Leipzig. It sucks dude. So even IF it is an exclusive, we don't care with Halo 3 AAA and 4 player co-op."

Sometimes I wonder if just fanboyism that makes you go off contradicting yourself, you just scare that PS3 might excel in parts where it falls short ?

TheMART4064d ago

Well what if I showed you a nice picture that I gave Ratchet&Clank thumbs down? Maybe some Sherlock can figure it out now. Lets see if there is some smartass here. But you all just seem pretty much blind...

Douche4064d ago

Who are you trying to convince? Maybe your 8 year old friends would buy that but that's all. Ubisoft are playing it smart. Your explanation is so flawed btw. For one thing, they're not in development still with the 360, PC version if they are "holding off till Christmas". Those are pending, so nice try putting it like that. And hell yes they can cancel them, that's what they are waiting to do. If Haze is as big a hit as they are anticipating, they'll keep it PS3 exclusive. Ubisoft are hoping that by the time release comes around, games such as Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, R&C, UT3, and other great ones I want to list release and build up the install base for PS3. Ubisoft is just hoping that enough sales will justify the fact that it was exclusive. You waste alot of your time being wrong bud. And judgemental. And condescending. Must be you second rate track of mind. I feel sorry for your ignorance...prick.

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felidae4064d ago

I think you haven´t been at GDC.


TheMART4064d ago

You mean Lair, right that sad PS3 game that got a 4.9 from IGN?? :P

I might make some nice pictures of my press card and a text specially for you. Because you would all like to believe I wasn't there before the public was a day after. And that I did play Haze and spoke to some Ubisoft guys... RIght? Also like to cry yourself to sleep @ night?

cartman3134064d ago

Go read the user reviews on the IGN site. They all have just as much credibility as the guy who reviewed the game. They played it too.

AliC4064d ago (Edited 4064d ago )


I find it hard to believe with the generally negativeness you have on this site and the fact your avatar speaks volumes that you would work in the press.

I mean anyone can do a google and come up with a press pass picture

fjtorres4064d ago

...back when it was a "confirmed" multiplatform title (circa June), was that it would come out in September for PS3 and January for 360.
"Exclusive for Christmas" doesn't sound like much has changed.

It is good marketing to allow the PS3-exclusive rumors to make the rounds so the fans dreaming of a Halo-killer will jump onto it. By the time the 360 version, which would only get lost in Halo- and COD4-fever, comes out they should have racked up as many PS3 sales as they're likely to get, so the lost "exclusivity" won't be an issue.
Ubisoft is generally smart in their marketting and they know which buttons to push to build up expectations so the game should do as well as its quality merits.

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