SPOILER: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood's Final Truth Cluster

SPOILER: Want to see what happens when you solve all of the Truth Cluster puzzles? Watch this video to see what occurs.

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himdeel2981d ago

...exactly what this is. However if this game doesn't wrap up the story I think I'd be just as disappointed with the end of AC2 as I will be with AC:BH :(

rdgneoz32980d ago

Don't worry, if it doesn't, they'll pop out another one in about 10 months. If that doesn't wrap it up, they'll put out another shortly after that one.

Chucky20032980d ago (Edited 2980d ago )

It doesn't wrap the story,but it ends the story of Ezio,the end of Ac2 was awesome,if you are disappointed that is you're problem,the end of AC:B it doesn't have that wft moment from AC2 but it has a good ending,they are making AC3 so of course they won't end the story,but it give clues where it will take place or at least they wanted to give you an idea but they ended quick leaving you screaming,where the hell is that place