Crazy Taxi on PSN, XBLA: when the music stops and stores close

The original arcade and Dreamcast Crazy Taxi had a very aggressive aesthetic. The announcer invited you to make "crazy money" by picking up customers and then delivering them as quickly as possible to their destinations, and you never had to worry about traffic laws or bystanders. This was all about speed and brute force.

It was hard to play the Xbox Live Arcade version without hearing the Offspring's familiar "Yeah yeah yeah yeah!" blasting out of the speakers. The Offspring, along with Bad Religion, provided the game's soundtrack in the original release. These songs, along with the sound of that announcer, went a long way toward creating the game's mood. In the new version, they have been replaced by completely forgettable pop-punk tracks, and it's a downgrade.

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Blaster_Master2983d ago

I never liked crazy, but I can totally relate to the journalist's disappointment. But I must be a minority cause I really liked and appreciated Sonic Adventure on the psn. I think the music in that game is real nostalgic, even though it was cheezy japan metal, the riffs are actually pretty sic. I especially liked F-Zero's N-64 jap metal riffs. Just give me skies of arcadia and Armada Sega. K?