Black Ops - What The Future Holds

A week since Black Ops released, Dealspwn investigates the state of the game's online multiplayer, its strengths and weaknesses, and whether Treyarch has finally stepped up their game.

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Blues Cowboy2989d ago

I'm just going to play devil's advocate for a second. Whilst I object to online subs on principle, it would create an online environment of gamers that are simply there to enjoy the experience, rank up and have fun. It's unlikely that griefers and hackers are going to bother paying the fees, creating a much safer and more dedicated online following.

-Alpha2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

I can easily see a "Treyarch Pro" like Bungie did. I would be open to paying for that too, provided it's priced fairly.

Though I too don't like the idea of paying for subscriptions, if it's going to offer justifiable content and if I am a hardcore player I don't see the fault.

I don't see how this will create a "safer" following though. I'm just glad that there is a reporting system, I've seen too many people abusing the Emblem creations and whatnot

I can see them easily allowing for multiple Theater saves, more file share room, ability to download and save more pics, modes, etc.

The future looks pretty good with TA supporting it so well. I'm likely going to play this for a very long time, it's as addictive as ever and the most balanced game since CoD4.

showtimefolks2988d ago

many otehr games will do the same

but it just doesn't matter to few gamers like me who don'r care much for COD we already know MW3 is coming in 2011 and a new COD game in 2012

i don't hate the game just not much into COD franchise problem is because of COD's success there will be like 10 really good FPS in 2011

i hope someone steps up to the plate and release on teh same date as MW3 hopefully the new game from old IW's people that' would be a story won't it be?

ExPresident2988d ago

Until I see the crap spawn points fixed and other issues I wont even consider a subscription. People are all so happy about throwing their money away without demanding crap that should be fixed or completed right before hand.

-Alpha2988d ago

Spawn points are the most demanded and # priority right now for TA. No one said they are throwing their money away just yet. Like I said, if it's justifiable, it's justifiable. If not, then it isn't.

I agree that spawn points are ridiculously stupid. TA gave a decent explanation as to why it's happening but I'm not sure if I buy it. Regardless, it's under investigation.

Lag and framerate are largely fixed with the last patch.

The only issues for me are:

1) Spawn Points
2) Sound/Ninja
3) Some balance issues regarding the guns

Honestly, aside from that, the gameplay is solid

Gamehead362988d ago


4)hit detection (guy shot me in the hip and it was a headshot)
5) knife lunge
6) knife accuracy

I'm having great fun with the game but it has it's fair amount of issues

-Alpha2988d ago

Hit detection seems to be a problem with lag, I haven't had issues with it.

The knife is the other issue I forgot, the lunge is stupid.

seinfan2988d ago

This is how the next game will be. It'll sell even more than Black Ops, which means even more people will complain about how they can't iron out the glitches, exploits etc. The same exact thing simply amplified.

scar202988d ago

Hey guys can you help me my friend downloaded the update for his game but when he tried to install it it says data corruption any help would b greatly appreciated.

-Alpha2988d ago (Edited 2988d ago )

Delete the Game Data if he has any installed and redownload (not the save file)

It could be that his save got corrupted. See if he can cancel the update (Press O) and see if he can still play while in offline mode