All Age Gaming Feature: The Top 10 Game Controllers of All Time

Microsoft's Kinect launches here in Australia tomorrow and the excitement for it is high. As Kinect will introduce controller free gaming, All Age Gaming's Michael Brennan compiled a list of his Top 10 game controllers. Let us know your favorite in the comments section below the article.

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seinfan2990d ago

They have the Gamecube controller at #1. The guy is a Nintendo fanboy or has mangled hands.

NecrumSlavery2990d ago

The Gamecube controller is a great controller, but like all nintty controllers, it's designed for the system. Each one is unique for their console. Thats why the Xbox-s, 360, or Duelshocks all have a more semetrical feel. Whey play well with any game. Nintendo always makes a custom controller for their current console.

On the GC Controller itself, it is perfect for Smash Bros, and Metroid Prime, etc. But if I could change one thing, it would be to fix the C-Stick, its to small and uncomfortable, especially when using it in FPSs. Taping is directionally to select things in games that utilize it like it were still buttons are fine, but as a thumbstick its to skinny.

Redempteur2990d ago

The C stick isn't used that much main problem is the L & R bouton as well as Z ..

Z is too small , and L& R isn't fluid enough.

still a great controller but you can improve it on so many levels ...

na-no-nai2990d ago

love the wavebird tho mine is messed up since my nieces chew on it.

cant believe the wavebird is gone tho

Theonik2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

I guess it's down to opinion. To me the NGC controller was near perfect for it's purpose. Best triggers from any console and perfect shape. If i had to change anything it would be rotating the face buttons a few degrees counter clockwise to follow the curves of it and a more uniform Z button.
Edit: What the hell are the Xbox buzzers doing on the list though? They aren't innovative and are an underused "me too" peripheral.

meetajhu2990d ago

How could they possibly say Power glove when this is the case

DigitalAnalog2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

Xbox and PS3 controllers hold no significance in this gaming industry. It has ALWAYS been Nintendo. I shall put the SNES controller on the top because it IS THE "POUND-FOR-POUND" DE-FACTO DESIGN that is the modern template of gaming TODAY - the highest caliber it has offered. That design still holds up today on the form of the PSP.

The next controller is the N64 controller, the main culprit to why FPS could be feasable on controllers (Goldeneye anyone), it has also been the standard of using the analog stick dynamically controlling a 3D character in a 3D space PERFECTLY.

The only "honorable mention" goes to the DC controller which by far is the most unique, but the main feature it has introduced to the controllers this generation was the "pressure sensitive" trigger buttons. It is the only controller to influence the design of the Gamecube, the PS3 AND the 360 controllers. And Nintendo has once again proved it's leadership by introducing a "motion-control" aspect that WORKS.

However, if you were to take the best controller in design and quality - then the gamecube controller wins all. It's the most comfortable and the best designed I've ever used on a video game system. I simply cannot imagine playing games like Eternal Darkness or Resident Evil remake, Resident Evil Zero or even Zelda: Wind Waker without it.

-End statement

Theonik2984d ago

And if there wasn't for the DualShock we'd still have flat controllers and 1 analogue stick. The N64's controller was an absolute abomination btw. There's a reason why they dropped it and went with the NGC one which they still support today. DualShock is the longest lasting design around the fact that it still works shows us just how forward looking the Dual-Analogues were.
That said the NGC one is extremely comfortable and together with the DualShock and Megadrive/Saturn pad are among my favourites.

nanostar2990d ago

why is the power glove even on the list? and i expected to KBM to be at least 5th

fiercescuba2990d ago

Power Glove?

I usually see the Power Glove on most Top 10 Worst Fill-in Blank of Gaming Lists.

It did introduce us to motion controls, but was insanely unresponsive, uncomfortable, and expensive.

X-Alchemist2990d ago (Edited 2990d ago )

I don't see why that was a bad choice.
The gamecube controller was probably the most comfortable controller of last gen. It deserves its position in that list.

na-no-nai2990d ago

i know and last gen for me the 360 was too big and clunky,
ps2 controllers were fine tho but i did love the wavebird

Urmomlol2990d ago

The GCN controller is an absolute atrocity.

Guess we know how credible this web site is.

Oldsnake0072990d ago

so u would choose the dualshock ? lol

Rage_S902990d ago

why is it lol so he cant have his own opinion/preference

Simco8762990d ago

Wavebird couch sessions with massive amounts of weed... good times.

Have to agree with #1

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