How Easy Is It To Complete A Level Of Black Ops Without Shooting?

GI: When Reiner and I took a look at Call of Duty: Black Ops, we compared the game to a theme park ride -- tons of spectacle and fully engaging while you're on it, even if you're not always in full control. But just how much can you let the game play itself?

Though I enjoyed Black Ops' single-player campaign, YouTube user T2DMrBungle does not appear to be a fan, and he decided to make a video showing why. In the 15-minute video below, MrBungle plays through the game's first level on the Hardened difficulty setting...without firing any bullets. Or dying.

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CountDracula2982d ago

I knew that.

Surprise. Surprise.

sam22362982d ago

You see kids, this is that happens when you release a game every goddamn year.

OhReginald2981d ago

Wow what an ass. Did anyone catch what he said like in the middle of the video?

rdgneoz32981d ago

Yah, blaming console gamers for shitty developers. Dumbass comment. As for the rest of the video, not surprising but funny non the less.

AntoineDcoolette2981d ago

Hey guys, did you hear about that awesome new game Vanquish? Its a stylish new third person shooter from the creators of Devil May Cry and Resident Evil. You're alongside an AI controlled squad/units for the majority of the game but they are mostly there for flair and atmosphere and don't play the game for you!