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IRetrouk2982d ago

just off the phone to game in uk, they say game is still set for the 24th and my sig eddition should be 130.00. cant f,in wait.

Dnied2982d ago

this time next week I'll be sittin in my basement in the pitch black with the home theatre cranked, family gone to work and nothing but 42 inches of Gran Turismo 5 in my view

Good times.

IRetrouk2982d ago

same here cant wait, i think i need to start adding friends on psn cause i got no one to try the lobby stuf out with, wanna be friends? lol

Dnied2981d ago

lol yea sure psn is dniederer

level 3602981d ago

..why hasn't Sony made a bundle pack with GT5 - like maybe offer a steering wheel ( GT5 Driving Force with GT5 game when you buy a PS3 console ) or something.

Maybe put in recent 2010 F1 or WRC game like a Blu-Ray racing pack deal.