Tom Clancy's EndWar First Look

At the Ubisoft event back in May, the company showed off a CG trailer for its newly announced Tom Clancy's EndWar-an all-new Tom Clancy property that ties together elements from previous games. Aside from the video and a list of planned features, the company had little else to show at the time. What a difference three months makes. At the GC 2007 event in Leipzig, Ubisoft showed off the game in a two-player match, giving the assembled press representatives a glimpse at a game that, while still deep in development, looks to back up those early promises with gameplay.

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QuackPot4066d ago (Edited 4066d ago )

Hell yeah.

I'll be lining up for Endwar and a good RTS fix.

I'm loving Ubi more and more.

Ahhhh4066d ago

hell yea.. this looks really good.