Gran Turismo 5 Nürburgring Nordschleife Peugeot 307cc Video

Connected Consoles: Well with not long until Gran Turismo 5 launches in stores worldwide we thought we'd bring you a truly sensational looking video of the game around the Nürburgring from YouTube to help whet your appetite. Enjoy!

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kharma452983d ago

The lighting and shadows are just unreal :D And I loved the little detail there in the video where the headlights came on too, little touches like that just add a certain something.

ryuzu2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

Indeed. Although if one source is to be believed this video is still not from the final version but is in fact a preview copy with less than full fidelity 8)

Still it seems real distributors are getting their shipments today so I guess we're on the final stretch !!


AAACE52983d ago

I think GT 5 will sell will and bring people back to racing games! Ps3 sales should rise as well!

STONEY42983d ago

Yeah, it's some kind of semi-preview copy. The guy got the ending movie after only 4 A-spec races, and certain features say "This feature is not available in the version." But the whole game is there, all the events, all the cars, all the tracks.

MNicholas2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

can't dream of doing on the this generation of consoles.

1.5 times the resolution, twice as many on-screen cars (each with twice as much detail), and vastly superior lighting+shadows+fill-rate intensive effects (rain+smoke), than Forza 3 which was built on an engine that had been continuously improved for 5 consecutive years for hardware that is, theoretically speaking, more capable of fill-rate intensive effects (due to EDRAM), with the full backing of one of the wealthiest companies on the planet.

3 times the resolution and myriad other advantages of games like NFS Shift which was developed by some pretty talented folks and backed by EA, the unquestioned lord and master of game software sales.

Such a vast gap in performance could even be grounds for conspiracy theories.

AtatakaiSamurai2983d ago (Edited 2983d ago )

this game looks so-*ucking good. that cock-pit view is unbelievable! looks like im going to be playing the game through out next year.

ps3, damn this console is crazy!

wanaraceu2983d ago

Man can this game look any better

jib2983d ago

only until the ps4 version comes out. this game is beautiful

Blaster_Master2983d ago

My favorite thing about GT was the physics, especially in the WRC levels. I really cant wait to get this game and hear the soundtrack. I love PD's sense of style in the menu's and music alot. The presentation in all the GT games are unprecedented.

visualb2983d ago

I hope what ever job you have in the future (since you must be too young to have a job) gets so exploited you end up losing all your money and all your hard work is stolen

and I hope, as a gamer, your thumbs break and you are unable to play hardcore games ever again (you can play kinect though so you'll be happy)

because you are hurting both gamers and developers (people who work) with that mentality.

no_more_trolling2983d ago ShowReplies(5)

Gamestop doesn't even know the game is due out on the 24th!! Lol I called to as if there was going to be a midnight release, the guy said "it's delayed to next year". Classic

dontbhatin2983d ago

yeah so i just called the gamestop by my house. and im guessing no gamestop will be having a midnight release. :( they told me since sony told them at the last minute, they dont have enough time to setup a midnight release. wich i think is bs cause my gamestop found out they were having a midnight release for MOH 3 days before it came out. ugh guess i gotta wake up early for it to get it asap like i had to with uncharted 2. :/

JacobIsHollywood2983d ago

It's not BS. They simply don't have the funds right now. The holidays are going to be hard enough.

JacobIsHollywood2983d ago


The GameStops in my region are not having a midnight release, despite having more pre-orders than most games this year.


dontbhatin2983d ago

they had enough funds for NFS hot pirsuit and assassins creed. they said it was sonys fault telling them just yesterday when its coming out. i mean thats the first thing the guy said on the phone. gran turismo on wednesday the 24th. he said come in wednesday to be sure you get a copy cause thursday and friday it would be impossible to hold a pre-order copy.

PirateThom2983d ago

Same here. No midnight openings, I'd guess it's because of lack of real notice for staffing.

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