5 PS3 games you missed, but shouldn’t have.

In today’s world of big budget marketing steering the thoughts of consumers, it would be good to take a look at 5 games on the PS3 that you may have missed, but owe it to yourself not to have missed. These are games that did not have massive posters and ad campaigns, were not splashed all over the internet hype train; but delivered, for the relatively few, a great gaming experience.

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-Alpha2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Better hurry fast if you plan on getting it, the community isn't strong enough sometimes unfortunately.

(1 whole community divided into 3 factions, divided into 2 sets of DLC= frustrating to find complete games sometimes).

The hardcore players are great though, best teamwork in a game I've ever seen.


It's hard to deny that the community is dwindling. Never said it was doing fine.

But the last time I checked, the Interdiction DLC, which is like a 64 player game, had a total of about 20 players max for all three factions.

I've found that it takes upwards of 5 minutes to find a game sometimes. And when you have such a small community spread out for such a huge player game across three factions, 2 DLCs, and a handful of modes it's not hard to see that the game is pretty demanding for the community.

VenomProject2985d ago

The MAG community is fine, I play the game daily just about.

I never have problems with finding a game, much less a full room.

Just because the community doesn't have the numbers it had at launch doesn't mean it's dying.

Stop by the MAG GameFAQS boards, you'll be treated to warm hospitality and sweet rolls.

will112985d ago

I haven't opened the article yet but I surly would be surprised if God of War III isn't there solely for the fact of no multiplayer.

-Alpha2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Sorry, double post, just said that the Interdiction DLC has an unplayable amount of players and that it takes a long time now to get into a game.

It's "fine" in some areas, but in other areas, like the DLC, the lack of players is an issue.

People disagreeing is no surprise, but they are fooling themselves if they think that the game's numbers aren't causing some problems. $10 for a good set of maps and a new mode, but almost no players.

It's right on the Deploy screen, disagree all you want, but it's a fact. All I'm saying is that you should enjoy the game now rather then down the road because the community will likely move on to the even newer shooters, like Socom 4.

Christopher2985d ago

MAG is vicious if you go up against the wrong clan, but dang can it be fun.

Do agree with the numbers problem. Too many options, not enough people.

Hideo_Kojima2985d ago

Its all I have been talking about for the last few days since I picked it up for £7 (under $10)

So much value in that games it amazing.
I strongly regret not buying it day 1.

Shang-Long2985d ago

so glad i took a chance on warhawk. my 1st true online multiplayer . i put over 300 hours in that game. love it too death huge learning curve but worth it

Blitzed2985d ago

Yeah, I agree. A friend and I experienced that the other night when trying to deploy into a game of Interdiction. The community isnt what it used to be.

Its too bad because its great game and has even improved with 2.0.

Hopefully some deals over the holidays will motivate people to pick it up.

ThanatosDMC2985d ago

Ignore alpha, he talks as if he's played MAG recently. When was the last time he played, i wonder.

I still remember him commenting on almost every MAG article like a know it all and putting the game down while takong a neutral tone. Seriously, stop trolling MAG articles and let people try it.

creatchee2985d ago

We logged in the other day and Alpha is pretty much correct. Either way, I think his point is that in a game that is solely multiplayer, you ate going to have a better chance getting into a game and feeling a sense of community if you do so earlier in the games life cycle. For another example, try getting into a multiplayer game of GTAIV or Stranglehold. You will be lucky if you can at all.

Minimox162985d ago

Alpha it's correct Interdiction DLC had almost no players right now, escalation it's great and hold a good amount of player but Interdiction don't, that's why Interdiction still had double exp 200%, and it's bad because im close to get the medals and trophies of Interdiction :/. In the mag forums said that the problem with Interdiction it's that the points are too far from the spawn point and if your vehicle it's destroyed you had to walk/run to far to get to the objectives. the other modes are no problem especially Domination.

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specialguest2985d ago

I regret not getting into Warhawk. It looks like tons of fun. Starhawk I will definitely support.

Coffin872985d ago

No, seriously, it is.

If you like games like battlefield, and ever wondered what it would feel like on a dont-know-how-much-inch-tv, playing with a buddy/brother in splitscreen... seriously, get this game.

No, seriously, it is.

specialguest2985d ago

Is anyone still actively playing Warhawk now? I know the game has been around since the beginning.

bananlol2985d ago

My experience with warhawk. Get in to a bad game= =boring. Get in to a good game == Legendary. Fear and the orange box are legendary too, actually own the orange box for three platforms. Guess i have a problem, ere the fuck is episode 3 valve?!

Blitzed2985d ago

Warhawk is amazing. I haven't played ina while though. I hope they can reapture the gameplay in a sequel.

King_many_layers2985d ago

The game still has a fairly solid community. I still play it quite alot. It wasn't a launch title though. It was out in under a year of US and Jap release. and just over 6 months from EU release.

Warhawk is still a brilliant experience and I believe it's somewhat this way because it's not completely matchmaking based. (I can't stand it)

Kleptic2985d ago

Warhawk was why I bought a Ps3 in March that point it was scheduled for late April, but ended up going multiplayer only and was pushed to August...

but I did get into the beta, and immediately knew it was something special...

the only thing that sucks for me is that i put about 100 hours into the game, all of which never counted towards stats or ranking (the stat tracking at the release of the game was completely broken for nearly 2 months)...doesn't really matter (until the trophy patch was released a year later)...but was very frustrating being locked out of some ranked games for having too low of a rank...

In my experience, Warhawk had the most depth in terms of skill to any console multiplayer game I have ever played regularly...When you are new at it, you absolutely suck...and when you are great at it, you punish everyone...No other multiplayer game that I know of took so much time and practice to really get good at...the best of the pilots in that game were absolutely untouchable...Which was frustrating at times, but there was nothing else to do other than accept that they were simply that good at the game...They were not using exploits, or cheats, or was absolutely 100% balanced as a game could be...

I think that is what turned a lot of guys off the game would take weeks to start racking up kills in warhawk, not hours like cod...The first few days you play the game you could only get a few kills per game just based on luck mostly (assuming you were starting out in full ranked games)...but once you started to learn the maps, the vehicles, and especially the controls of the all starts to come together nicely...

I can't wait for Starhawk if it turns into something like space...

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raztad2985d ago


I've been playing KZ3 beta for the last month but I'm having a big urge of coming back to MAG. Need to buy Escalation.


Portal is a must play.

DO NOT touch FEAR on PS3. It is an awful port.

Need to play Ghostbuster at some point.

Blaine2985d ago

I'm pissed that I can never get into a Interdiction game anymore though... I could use the medals from that game type toward my Eager Beaver trophy.

Blitzed2985d ago

Does Escalation suffer from the same lack of players that Interdiction does?

Blaine2985d ago

I don't know what's up with Interdiction, but I think there actually hasn't been a match in a week... Escalation goes practically without waiting in queue, it's always busy.

frostypants2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Warhawk >>>>>>>&a mp;g t;>>>>>>> MAG

Take away MAG's extremely high player count, and Warhawk kills it in every category. Better weapons, better balance, more vehicles that you actually can use, etc.

Cenobia2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

My only complaint about Warhawk is the gathering of weapons. I hate that aspect of certain MP games. I'd rather have the choice of a weapon loadout.

I'd also like to see some TPS cover system, and the requirement to actually aim. The out-of-vehicle ground combat in Warhawk was pretty 'meh' imo, but still the best MP fun I've had. Hopefully they improve it a lot in Starhawk.

The vehicles were pretty much perfect. I just hated that the airplanes took actual skill to fly and the ground combat was just a race to see who could get to the most effective weapon or a vehicle first.

Kleptic2985d ago

yeah within a few months of release the guys that got good at the warhawks pretty much controlled the entire game...The ground vehicles were much easier to use, the tank specifically...but it was frustrating that people learned when they spawn and would camp them and just get in without using team easy as they were to use; it was surprising how many people still sucked with them...

It was actually my favorite MP game until killzone 2 released a year and a half later...but I did buy COD4, and all my friends did...and most of them did not have warhawk, so i ended up putting a lot less time into it than I would have otherwise...cod4 won out because it was a lot more fun playing with 8 friends regularly than playing warhawk with a bunch of people I didn't know...

raztad2984d ago

Warhawk >>> MAG is just an opinion, and I dont know what is the point you are trying to make anyway.

BTW, you dont "take away" MAG high player count, that is an absurd idea. MAG gameplay is built around high player counts. Squads/chain of command/objectives everything is set to have hundred of people playing together. The only mode that doesnt require "high player count" has more players on one side than MOST games in the whole match, I'm talking about Sabotage.

TheLastGuardian2985d ago

i went into the article thinking I would've played a couple of them because I play alot of PS3 games but nope, haven't played a single one. I'll probably get the orange box.

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Gambit072985d ago

Hurry up with Starhawk.

FunAndGun2985d ago

My real life will not exist when that does happen.

BABY-JEDI2985d ago

The potential of this is LEGENDARY. Hopefully it will fulfil all expectations ; )

Bebedora2985d ago

Thousand thanks for not wording 'epic'. I loath that word in here nowadays. And while I do have warhawk (bought it to test my internet connection for the PS3) I don't play it much. I really suxxorz at it. No matter...Starhawk gives a good vibe and I like the multitude of possibilities with it. MMORPG like would be insane.

wat6342985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Stuntman was a great game!

Sadly, games with big posters (PS3 & XBOX exclusives alike) are the only ones people talk about.

you know, i feel like im getting disagrees because im a xbox fan.

Well, you do know im an xbox fan, right?

cochise3132985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

it's not cause you're an xbox fan, it because you stealth troll. I didn't disagree with you btw.

Fulensenca2985d ago

The real problem isn't that you are an Xbox fan ( which I don' t think is something bad at all ), but that you are an idiot.

ambientFLIER2985d ago

How would you know what I missed or didn't?

Elvfam5112985d ago

Big Brother Is Watching You

avengers19782985d ago

my thoughts exactly, I still don't want any of the games he mentioned, and I could proble go buy them all for under 60 bucks.

Rocket Sauce2985d ago

Everyone should own Ghostbusters