Ubisoft will keep Assassin's Creed franchise going as long as they can

Ubisoft hope to keep the Assassin’s Creed series going as long as they can, producer Vincent Pontbriand has revealed.

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xYLeinen2982d ago

But don't start the milking with AC3.

With Brotherhood now out I DON'T consider AC franchise to be milked, and I don't understand if people think so.

BUT, for AC3. Here is where the milking has the possibility to start. Don't release AC3 in 2011. Wait till 2012 and rather support Brotherhood with some decent DLC. Yearly releases is in my eyes a sign of milking so please don't go that road.

Let's rather feel the pain of waiting for AC3 in 2012 instead.

AC: Brotherhood is freaking sweet btw :D Still an impressive SP, and the MP gives an extra few hours of gameplay.

comp_ali2982d ago

wait for the lame DLC to come out, which will be clearly cut from the original game.

Game-ur2982d ago

We need a conclusion to the assassins and templars story; don’t do X-Files where there is never an end.

It's possible to finish this one and start a whole new story with other secret orders. History is full of them.

MrMccormo2982d ago

Urrrrg. I WANT there to be an ending. I like the AC series but I don't want them to needlessly drag it out just to make a buck.

evrfighter2982d ago

"support Brotherhood with some decent DLC."

right because support=DLC

sorry to burst your bubble to DLC is just another way to milk a game.

Redempteur2982d ago

Well AC is already milkedif the next AC is out november 2011 ( and it most likely will ) then it's good bye for me

AC2 was plagued by 2 sequences DLC
AC:B will be plagued by multiplayer Dlcs if not spécial sequences for one console and not the other ...

yep i call that milking ....

Quagmire2982d ago

yep, i call your thinking retarded

Redempteur2982d ago

yep call others "retard" and you feel better , yeah ?

go on ...

impressive answer by the way

shark972982d ago

And im gonna support the franchise as long as i can !

i think its the best new IP this gen.

Kurt Russell2982d ago

It has been one of my favs too. It's fairly unique to play and i love the eras it has so far been set.

maxcer2982d ago (Edited 2982d ago )

AC:Altair's Chronicles

its getting to that point. when you start pushing out DS/iphone/psp versions it starts to become apparent.

for me the series needs to be thinned out, a release every year will burn out the gamers as well as the developers. please keep it a two year cycle.

joydestroy2982d ago

imo they're already milking it with all of that. i thought there were only 4, but 5? damn

maxcer2982d ago

yea i guess thats 5, #6 with AC3. and you can bet they have some more ds/iphone/psp/xbla/psn/webgame s planned.

unknownhero11232982d ago

good thing I have cookies!

no but seriously, I hope they are not implying that this series will never see an ending( at least an ending to the desmond arc). I want to see a satisfying conculsion to the desmond arc and then do another storyline, maybe in modern times?

Ether2982d ago

They've confirmed that AC3 won't be out before 2012, so I'm not too worried on that front. Just wish Patrice were still on the team.

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The story is too old to be commented.