2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards - nominees revealed

Check out this year's nominees for the 2010 Spike VGAs, including Game of the Year nominees and more.

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boogeyman9992985d ago

Loved Red Dead Redemption, ME2, and God of War.

Igneel2985d ago

My guess it's between the follwing

-God of War III
- Halo: Reach
- Mass Effect 2

Rush2985d ago

I hope they don't pick the easy option and go with Mass Effect 2 simply because it will make everyone happy with the PS3 release next year.

I want a fight between Halo and GoW.

Red_Orange_Juice2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )


Game-ur2985d ago

My list:
Studio of the Year
- BioWare
- Rockstar San Diego

Best Xbox 360 Game
- Mass Effect 2
-Red Dead Redemption

Best PS3 Game
- God of War III
- Heavy Rain
-Red Dead Redemption

Best Handheld Game
- God of War: Ghost of Sparta
- Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker

Best Shooter

Best Action-Adventure Game
- God of War III
- Red Dead Redemption
-Castilvania LOS

Best RPG
- Mass Effect 2

Best Multiplayer Game
- Battlefield: Bad Company 2

Best Graphics
- God of War III

Best Adapted Video Game
- Transformers: War for Cybertron

Best Performance by a Human Male
- Rob Wiethoff as John Marston

Best Downloadable Game
- Joe Danger
- Limbo

Best DLC
- Red Dead Redemption – Undead Nightmare

Best Independent Game
- Joe Danger
- Limbo

Most Anticipated Game
-Batman: Arkham City
-BioShock: Infinite
-Infamous 2
-Twisted Metal
-Trinity SOZO
-Yakuza 4

Game of the Year
- Red Dead Redemption

Malicious2985d ago

The list of nominees are a complete joke. Putting things like FF13 as Best RPG when it's the worst in the series and then not including GT5 for GOTY or even best racing game but including garbage like Black Ops.

It doesn't matter who wins the VGAs this year because the nominees are garbage.

A Cupcake for Gabe2985d ago

Well look at the most Anticipated games of 2011?


Killzone 3
LittleBigPlanet 2
The Last Gaurdian
Crysis 2

I mean what the hell is this?

Also isn't there a Motion Game Award this year?

AndrewRyan2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )


ME2 and GoWIII have an amazing story, however, ME2 has much more replay value and a very nice RPGish style. GoWIII on the other hand has the best graphics I have seen to date, but graphics do not overcome the kind of short game compared to ME2. I put an easy 30 hours before I beat ME2, and I put a good 14 hours into GoWIII.

Also I would like too add that I find it funny that there are no PC games in the best graphics category. Also, Starcraft 2 and Super Mario Galaxy 2 should have been GOTY contenders.

Both gave me amazing experiences, GoWIII it's its gorgeous graphics and fun/easy gameplay, and ME2 with it's richness in combat, beautiful story. I say the upper hand goes to ME2.

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Venatus-Deus2985d ago

Where's the highest rated game of the year... SMG2?

I couldn't pick one from those listed either. All great games.

Imtey2985d ago

Black Ops as a GOTY contender and SMG2 not one is a complete joke. Also anticipated games : No TLG?!?!?

weegee2985d ago

They must have missed April fool's day

MaxOpower2985d ago

Well this is stupid, the year isn't over yet.....

Still to come, and possible candidates:

Dead Nation (Downloadable)
Nail'd (Downloadable/Driving)
Disney Epic Mickey (Wii /GoTY?)
Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom (Who knows)
Gran Turismo 5 (come one spike how did you forget this one PS3/Driving/Graphics/Goty)
World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (Well it's wow....)
Tron: Evolution (Adapted)

ksense2985d ago

gran turismo goes into next years pool btw. i think the date range is something like november 23 of previous year to current year if i am not mistaken.

MaxOpower2985d ago

What I thought.. But it's still dumb.

Most of these^^ games will get ignored or totally forget next year.

visualb2985d ago

this means GT5 will have to compete with LBP2, Infamous 2, KZ3, Crysis2, Rage, and so on....

its a bit insane really =P

this year its fair though...

gman_moose2985d ago

Well, GT5 should have at least been nominated under "Most Anticipated" then. Gears 3 was, and it comes out in 2011. Nothing in the history of gaming has been more anticipated than GT5.... my God, it's been in development for 5 years.

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Kaneda2985d ago

Most Anticipated Game.. not even listed... WTH!

ico922985d ago

wait SMG2 the highest rated game this year and the 2nd highest rated game this gen on metacritic and gamerankings isn't a contender for GOTY ? wtf

AKS2985d ago

I'd probably have Red Dead Redemption at #1 and Mass Effect 2 at a close #2. I think Gran Turismo 5 could easily sneak into my top 3 and perhaps even #1 overall. I'd have to give God of War III, Super Mario Galaxy 2, and Starcraft II serious consideration as well.

I'd have Heavy Rain at the very top of my next tier of games. Bad Company 2 and Vanquish were also great experiences. There were several other really solid games I haven't listed this year.

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ZoidsRaven2985d ago

It seems like alot of recent and overrated games made it. 7_7

toaster2985d ago

Of course, it's Spike. What did you expect? They have to appeal to the legions of tweens who watch their channel for *TESTOSTERONE OVERLOAD*, MMA and tits.

ZoidsRaven2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

Very true.

It seems like they overlooked alot of underrated (but still good) games.

And thier GOTY nominees.......... Only M rated games? God Of War 3 is the only game there that isn't a shooter? FAAAAAIIIILLLLL! 7_7

Edit: NO FIGHTERS? What the hell.

Motorola2985d ago

"Testosterone overload" LOL

ngecenk2985d ago

yeah i agree.. this award is to please the customer, not based on quality.

5 nomination to god of war 3 and santa monica not even in the studio list?

Nugan2985d ago

Not to mention no Super Mario Galaxy 2, despite the fact that it's the year's best reviewed game.

And the Wii list is just lazy. Other M is included, even though it was generally considered a disappointment, but no Sin and Punishment or Goldeneye or Epic Mickey or No More Heroes 2 or anything that would have added diversity to the list.

It's clear who Spike's audience is, and they're not even trying to be relevant to anyone who is outside that narrow demographic.

ZoidsRaven2984d ago

1 Bubble for well said.

And don't forget about Monster Hunter Tri.

isa_scout2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

this is the VGAS biggest problem alot of great games come out before the end of december they should hold off the awards till the end of december so games like ACBrotherhood and GT5 could be in the running, and also whats up with the most anticipated games section? I'd rather have dragon age 2, infamous 2, and the only game on the list worth anticipating(Batman:AC) bioshock while im very excited for it doesn't even come out until 2012 that should be on next years most anticipated list,clearly gamers dont pick these games. also i'd say ME2 is clearly the one to beat in the game of the year category

AlienFodder2985d ago

AC: Brotherhood IS in the running. It's nominated in the "Best Action-Adventure Game" category.

MidnightWatcher2985d ago

Super Mario Galaxy 2 not in GoTY, but lagfest Black Ops is!!! WTF

hay2985d ago

It is in nominees. Maybe the edited the list.