New Colin McRae: DiRT 3 Screenshots has updated its Colin McRae: DiRT 3 gallery with a batch of new screenshots from the game.

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NickX2989d ago

Funny that a few days before the launch of GT5 we get a ton of pictures for Need For Speed Shift and Dirt 3.

They must be shitting their pants that GT5 is just around the corner.

Dirk Benedict2989d ago

i am laughing at the competition. i am going to assume Kaz couldn't care less.

neither should we.

Bull5hifT2989d ago

I actually Had More FUN with dirt 2 than i did with **** ******* i know its arcadey but it was lots of fun i just wish i could save replays and take pics of some awesome jumps or flips., sometimes when i played **** ******* i had some fun but mostly it was frustrating when a car passed you , you could never catch up and id have to quit a 30 lap race cause i refuse to lose...... I had most fun collecting dream cars And taking pics to make sweet wallpapers

SuicidalTendencies2989d ago

You do know that there are some people who are actually looking forward to this game. I happen to be one of them. I couldn't care less about about GT5. Never was a fan of the series.

CrzyFooL2989d ago

GT 5 may be the real driving simulator but DiRT is the king of rally games.

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